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In our department we have monthly (or quasi-monthly) potluck lunches to celebrate the birthdays of the past month.В  For our last get-together I made an oven-baked frittata.
The idea to take the fritatta to the potluck came from me having a fritatta cut in wegdges, and saved in the fridge to have either early in the morning after a workout or part of a light lunch. The recipe is quite adaptable, just use it as a basic method.В  Change the veggies, the spices, add herbs,В  have fun with it!

And that monthly potluck to celebrate birthdays is also a great way to get the different labs in the department to talk to each other. Heavy cream provides the most luscious texture, but I always opt for a lower fat version, as egg yolks are rich enough.В  Porcini mushrooms, or a mixture of wild mushrooms work wonders in this type of recipe.

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