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These brownie bites are easy to pop, just be sure you don’t overdo it, as eating Paleo is all about stopping when you feel satisfied. These cupcakes look very nice when they’re all put together, and they only contain ingredients that are Paleo approved. This is one of the simplest Paleo desserts on our list, and it only uses a handful of ingredients. For chocoholics that also happen to be on the Paleo plan this chocolate pudding is sure to put you back to center. Peanuts are a no-go on Paleo, so they had to come up with a way to make these peanut butter truffles without actually using peanuts. These chocolate cupcakes are pretty standard, and we just had to include them because it’s nice to have a go-to recipe for chocolate cupcakes that you can make for different events and gatherings and not have to worry if they’re screwing up your diet.
No Paleo dessert list would be complete without a chocolate chip cookie recipe, so we’ve decided to include two. Caramel seems like one ice cream topping that would definitely be banned from a Paleo authorized foods list.
This ice cream recipe is really all about the chocolate ripple, and mentions that you can swap out the raspberries for any other fruit you like or have on hand. A banana split makes perfect sense on a Paleo diet, because you’ll be using a banana which automatically puts it in the realm of the Stone Age. Sweet and spinach are two words you don’t often hear used together, but they’ve gotten them to cooperate in this recipe.
These grilled peaches taste great all year, but you may want to wait for when peaches are in season to get the best results. Caramel apples seem like the last thing you should be having when eating Paleo, but as long as you make adjustments on the caramel the apple is good to go. This dessert has quite the name to live up to, and when you compare it to a traditional Sex in a Pan recipe it’s definitely been modified to accommodate Paleo eaters.
If you love the taste of Nutella but want to avoid the sugar and vegetable oil that makes up the majority of its contents, we’ve got you covered with this homemade recipe. Even though it’s called The Paleo Diet there are plenty of recipes that will make you feel like you’re cheating. If you love the taste of curry but don’t know how to make it, this soup can serve as a reliable way to get that flavor without having to memorize a difficult recipe or use curry from a jar.
This is Paleo’s answer to the tortilla soup you used to love ordering in restaurants, but can’t have anymore because it likely contains beans. Sweet potatoes will likely become one of the foods you find yourself using a lot of when eating Paleo. Butternut squash is great for you, kale is fantastic for you, so in this recipe you’re already starting off on the right foot.
You wouldn’t be able to eat traditional tabbouleh while following the Paleo diet because it’s made from bulgur, but you can have as much of this cauliflower tabbouleh as you want.
These coconut flour pancakes cook up just like traditional pancakes, except they are missing one ingredient found in almost every single pancake recipe: all-purpose flour. Quiche is usually fair game on the Paleo diet because it’s primarily made with eggs, and eggs are definitely a Paleo approved food.
If you like to start your day with granola, most other versions you see on store shelves will not be approved on the Paleo diet. This breakfast casserole is something the whole family can enjoy, even if they are not following Paleo. Salmon tastes great and it is one of the top recommended foods you can eat while following the Paleo diet. These pork chops are some of the best we’ve seen, and it is through a combination of preparing the pork chop correctly, and topping it with a delicious fruit slaw. Usually spaghetti and meatballs is something that you would have to forgo when you eat the Paleo way. With this crock pot recipe you can create a cashew chicken dish that will rival anything that you can buy from your local Chinese restaurant. Jambalaya can be a very hard recipe to make, which is why it’s good that this uses the slow cooker because you can take out some of that complexity.
At some point on the Paleo diet you’re going to crave something sweet, flavorful, and crunchy, and that’s when we’d recommend baking up a batch of these clusters. When you only want dessert for one a cake is too much, which is why Kiri came up with a way to make a chocolate cake in a mug, using only Paleo ingredients.
Fruit is a popular choice for a dessert when eating the Paleo way because it’s naturally sweet, and will provide you with a serving of fruit that you should be getting each day.
You might think that the best part of these brownies is that you don’t have to bake them, but the real wow factor is that they combine two of the most popular desserts into one.
Beef, it’s what’s for dinner on the Paleo diet, and these beef kebabs are made with sirloin, a premium cut of meat known for being lean. If you’re looking for a beef Paleo dish that comes out looking fantastic, like something you’d want to serve company, you’ll want to go with this braised bottom round roast.
As pictured, these short ribs represent a perfectly portioned Paleo meal, because you’re getting nice a serving of vegetables along with your beef. This dish shows you how to cook up a simple, yet delicious Paleo stir fry that has only a few main ingredients, but is not short on flavor. With Paleo it is important to use the proper amount of spices and seasonings so that you don’t get tired of just eating meat and vegetables all the time. These meatballs attempt to capture the taste of chicken enchiladas verde, so if you don’t feel like making up a giant pan of Paleo friendly enchiladas, you can go with this meatball recipe and get a similar results. Chicken parmesan is not something that you would typically be having on Paleo because it is coated in bread crumbs.
Perhaps the best part of this Paleo fish taco recipe is that they show you how to make wraps or tortillas without using any all-purpose flour, so you can use these for all sorts of different recipes. Salmon is one of the best foods you can eat on Paleo, and here they have added maple syrup to the recipe so that you’ll get the rich flavor and sweetness of the syrup counter-balancing the strong flavor of the salmon. Stuffed burgers are all the rage, and you can get into the craze with the Paleo diet, you just have to stuff the burger with Paleo friendly foods. Cajun seasoning is always going to do a great job of adding spice and some heat to a meal, and in this recipe they provide you with the steps to make your own Cajun seasoning mix from scratch. We’ve rounded up some of the best Paleo-friendly desserts from around the web to satisfy your prehistoric sweet tooth. If you’re a fan of this iconic cinnamon cookie, these cupcakes will be your Paleo dream come true. A blend of raspberries, lemon juice, and orange juice bring a deep fruity flavor to this homey dessert, perfect for slicing and sharing. Chocolate and cherries are a classic combination that work beautifully in this scone recipe. Exactly three ingredients make up the core of this cherry-sweet recipe, and there’s no additional sweetener aside from fruit. While this recipe requires some speedy maneuvers and a candy thermometer, it’s actually not that difficult.
The recipe for this tart comes from Let’s Eat Paleo cookbook by the most delightful two ladies from the The Merrymaker Sisters.
Make sure to check out Let’s Eat Paleo ebook from The Merrymaker Sisters for more delicious recipes and paleo cooking ideas.
Eat Drink Paleo CookbookВ – В a fantastic addition to any kitchen, filled with exclusive recipes, cooking tips and easy guide to paleo.
Some people use flaxseed meal mixed with some water or chia seeds soaked in water but I haven’t tried it in this particular recipe. This makes them a great food while on Paleo, since you’ll still getting many of the benefits of a banana, including the fiber, without the added sugar. They contain just the right amount of chocolate mixed into a blond brownie so you’re getting the best of both worlds. The orange flavor comes from oranges of course, and one thing you’ll soon notice about Paleo is that it always uses the natural source of a flavor, nothing artificial. There are two parts to this cake, the first is the apple cinnamon coffee cake as the base, which has a host of Paleo friendly ingredients.
This pudding has plenty of chocolate, as well as coffee added for a pick-me-up, plus it also has protein powder added in to make it more of a well-rounded dessert. They manage to capture the essence of macaroons using only Paleo approved ingredients like eggs, coconut, and honey. They start by using their chocolate skillet cake recipe, and then add to it further to make it even more chocolatey and delicious. The coconut ice cream recipe is a good one to have on file for times when you want to make a plain ice cream and then doctor it up with whatever toppings you like. It’s amazing what some of these cooks and chefs can come up with when they are given the task of making delicious desserts that fit the Paleo mold. This makes for a great summertime dessert, and a good anytime dessert since you can buy organic peaches year round. These lemon bars use lemon juice and lemon zest to give them that distinct lemony taste, and leave out the white sugar, the all-purpose flour, and the low-quality butter used in traditional recipes for lemon bars.
I love helping people discover new paleo recipes and enjoy giving helpful tips on the Paleo diet.

Each of these recipes keeps within the guidelines for Paleo recipes, using fresh, high-quality ingredients in unique ways that will make your mouth water just reading about them. They’re so versatile and able to be used in so many ways, that you’ll have no trouble finding a Paleo friendly recipe to use it in.
Beans are a no-no on Paleo, and this soup recipe deftly avoids them, but still delivers on the flavor you are wanting. Cauliflower is a very versatile food and is used in Paleo recipes to replace everything from rice, to pizza crusts. All the taste that you’d expect is there, and on Paleo you can use pure maple syrup to make this taste incredible. This particular quiche recipe includes plenty of delicious ingredients, and she’s topped it off with a zucchini hash crust so it’s crunchy on the top, and full of eggs and yummy vegetables on the bottom. But if you are following a traditional porridge recipe you won’t get too far while on Paleo.
You’ll need construct your own granola recipe using Paleo foods such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and spices like cinnamon, and pumpkin spice.
Eating Paleo means eating until you feel content, not starving yourself or depriving yourself of a full-sized meal. This is because it is loaded with plenty of omega 3’s, as well as healthy fats that your body needs to function at its best. In this recipe they are using carrots to replace traditional pasta, and have added bacon and sausage to flavor things up, all in a tomato sauce. They say that you can use a different cheese if you do not like goat cheese, and with the cheese question you’re going to have to come up with your own answer as to which kind you are going to use while you are eating Paleo. What most people don’t understand is that Paleo is equal parts meat and vegetables, even though this meatloaf has a bacon topping, it is also packed with a pound of spinach.
They all combine to form a very well-balanced Paleo meal, and you’re getting tons of antioxidants both from the blueberries and the sweet potatoes. It’s also a dish that lends itself nicely to Paleo eating because it includes plenty of different meats, as well as a good amount of vegetables.
Since you won’t be eating potatoes on Paleo it’s good to come up with a better alternative.
Gelatin is something that you can definitely have while on the Paleo diet, and they’re making full use of it here. In this recipe she’s simply using curly kale and olive oil, so you are getting all of the benefits of kale, without any hydrogenated oils or industrial grade salt.
Following a traditional mille-feuille recipe will get you into trouble on Paleo because of all the puff pastry and pastry cream that is used. It’s easy enough to doctor up the fruit with some naturally sweet things like honey or coconut sugar, and in this recipe they’ve taken peaches, grilled them to unlock the flavor, and then topped them with coconut cream.
You want to take extra care to buy grass-fed beef when eating Paleo because it’s what a cow naturally eats, and doesn’t contain all of the additives they put in conventional cattle feed these days. In this recipe she’s put together a nice mix of grass-fed ground beef, zucchini, and other supporting ingredients which turns out to be one of the best Paleo beef recipes we’ve discovered. You can use one of these Paleo friendly pizza recipes, or you can make something like this pizza pie casserole.
You get plenty of beef in the form of chuck roast, and it is recommended to use grass-fed beef in this recipe as well as any other beef recipe you follow while eating Paleo. It has bell peppers, chicken, some soy sauce, chili powder, and is fried up in coconut oil, so while it may seem like a basic recipe, it actually is full of flavor. In this recipe they have an interesting mix of spices, and use plenty of lime so you’ll get a citrusy, spicy flavor.
In this particular recipe they are using mahi mahi that’s been coated in olive oil and then seasoned.
In this recipe they are coating a snapper fillet with sesame seeds, so you will get the delicate texture of the fish juxtaposed with the crunchy sesame seeds, all fried up in grass fed butter. In this recipe they’ve used an avocado as the stuffing, which gives these burgers potassium and healthy fat they wouldn’t otherwise have. On Paleo you want to mix up the type of meat you’re eating, and turkey makes a great choice. They’re using organic grass-fed ground beef from Trader Joe’s, an excellent way to start off any burger recipe. So stock up on staples like almond and coconut flours and coconut oil because these desserts are so tasty, you'll want to eat at least one daily.
Apples, blackberries, and spices make up the filling, and the entire dessert is cooked in one pan for speedy cleanup.
First, there’s the layer of chocolate “oreo” cake, followed by Paleo chocolate pudding, and finally topped with whipped-cream frosting.
Thank goodness almond flour, coconut oil, and maple syrup give the building blocks to reproduce a Paleo-approved version of Toll House’s greatest hit. Try them with a cup of tea for a proper after-dinner dessert, or use the recipe as a Paleo pie crust. If you’ve been afraid of baking scones in the past, this recipe will put you at eas—it’s as simple as slice-and-bake cookies.
Heat up a batch of hot chocolate, freeze into ice cubes, blend, and serve for a dessert that’s a perfect summer sweet. In fact, I gave it to 6-7 people to try and everyone loved it and couldn’t believe that it was actually paleo friendly. The recipe uses raw hazelnuts but I decide to do a little toasting beforehand to give them richer flavour. Today it’s hard to go without these things for long, but no worries, you can simply use prehistoric ingredients to make some of your favorite dessert treats in a healthy way. You may be surprised that it only takes 5 ingredients to make these, and you’ll wonder why other brownie recipes need so many different ingredients. Be sure to go with the tweak of using coconut cream instead of sour cream or Greek yogurt to keep this entirely Paleo. You may want to substitute a more Paleo friendly protein powder for the whey protein, but some Paleo followers allow whey protein as part of their diet. If you haven’t tried sunbutter, which is sunflower seed butter, you have to try it, and this recipe would be a great one to test it out on. They’ve taken a few liberties here, which you’ll want to adjust if you want it to be purely Paleo. She’s gluten-free, which in many cases means it’s also Paleo approved, but you’ll want to check the other ingredients before you use a gluten-free recipe, as not all GF recipes are Paleo recipes. The ice cream is made with full fat coconut milk, so there’s no dairy involved, keeping this on the Paleo side. This is one recipe where the method is the real attraction, showing you how to get the ripple effect throughout the ice cream. Coconut milk gives it that nice creamy texture and a sweet flavor, and of course you can’t fake the taste of banana, so they’ve added an entire one per serving so you get a full supply of potassium and fiber in this dessert. It still might not be the best thing for your teeth, but at least it’s the healthiest sort of caramel you can make.
Just layer after layer of Paleo approved foods that you don’t have to feel guilty about when it’s finished. Whenever you’re following a recipe like this you’ll want to double check the ingredients list to make sure that it adheres to Paleo as well. With 470+ easy-to-prepare Paleo recipes in 17 comprehensive categories it is the only Paleo book you will ever need.
I have been making a living writing about the Paleo Diet for the last year and have never been happier.
So whether you’re looking for breakfast, dinner, a snack, or just want to use a recipe that uses up the chicken or beef you have on hand, we’ve got you covered with this hand-picked list of amazing Paleo diet recipes.
A stew is the perfect platform to construct a great Paleo meal, and here there’s plenty of healthy foods being combined. This actually is very well-balanced for a Paleo dish, and if you eat enough of it, it can be a meal all by itself.
Roasting it softens it up properly so it is pleasing to the tooth, and the dressing that accompanies it on this recipe is pretty special. The additional ingredients are all Paleo inspired, with walnuts as a source of healthy fat, something that you’re supposed to get enough of each day you’re on Paleo. This recipe walks you through the steps needed to take calamari and turn it into a delicious salad that works as a starter to a meal, or as a light meal all by itself. Also, you are free to have bacon as a side, which helps to complete a most delicious start to the day, and keeps this right in line with something you’d get as a breakfast at a restaurant or diner.Get used to using coconut flour, as it will become your new best friend on Paleo. All of the ingredients that are not Paleo in a traditional quiche have been removed and replaced with Paleo perfect items. This breakfast burger is packed with wonderful breakfast foods that will not only keep you satisfied but will also make sure you aren’t cheating on your diet. You’ll find that many breakfast casseroles will incorporate hash browns into the recipe, but potatoes are not allowed on Paleo so you want to avoid these recipes and find alternative ways to get the same effect. In this recipe she has made things very simple, which only serves to bring out the natural flavor of the salmon. This is true with all of the meat you purchase for Paleo meals because it won’t be loaded with antibiotics, and the animals will have been fed organic feed.

This spaghetti and meatballs recipe makes some key changes so that you can enjoy this classic dish without worrying about eating wheat or grains. Of course real oranges account for the orange taste, which is a recurring theme with Paleo, it uses natural and basic ingredients to accomplish its flavor goals.You’ll have to decide for yourself if you want to use the food coloring to make this look orange, and if so how orange you want it to be. If you’ve been worried that you can’t host a party or serve guests Paleo foods, there’s no need to worry. This is the type of dessert that will make you feel like you’re not on a diet at all, and that goes in line with the Paleo mentality.
Here they’ve made a faux version, and they’ve made it Paleo friendly so you won’t have to feel bad about eating it. This means you’re getting a sweet, flavorful, creamy dessert without any dairy, or any refined sugar. It has all the flavors that you want from a pizza, but without the crust that usually gets a Paleo eater into trouble.
They also recommend using raw organic honey, which will replace the sugar typically found in a teriyaki sauce recipe.
They are using almond flour to replace breadcrumbs that you’ll usually find in meatball recipes to help hold it all together. Pesto is a great way to enhance any meal, and you can make a Paleo friendly version quite easily.
On Paleo you may see yourself eating more fish than you used to eat, because it is such a healthy meat, and something our ancestors surely would have eaten. But when you’re following a Paleo diet, it can feel like there’s a real lack of dessert options. Cobble together your favorite frozen fruits with a little of this (almond flour) and a little of that (shredded coconut) for a dessert that’s easy to throw together when your sweet tooth strikes. This may not be the best way to start every morning, but every once in awhile you can use these brownies as a way to wake up both you and your sense of taste. They also went all out on the presentation, and you might have a hard time getting people to believe that this is a Paleo dish. The use of alcohol is not recommended on Paleo, but adding a little to your dessert once in awhile is something that won’t set you back. The add-ins are Paleo because they’re all fruits and nuts with a dark chocolate bar added in for good measure.
The coconut cream tastes great on them, and is reminiscent of a classic peaches and cream recipe but without using any dairy.
The best part about these bites is that they’re no-bake, so you are done in less time and can get to the fun part: the eating!
We’ve checked for you and it’s all good, so you can enjoy these lamingtons and get a taste for this traditionally Australian dessert.
Please read about my journey here and see how I turned my passion for the Paleo lifestyle into a successful blog and career. If you’ve always avoided these types of squash because you didn’t know how to prepare it, now’s your chance to learn how, and it will be a skill you can use again and again when eating on the Paleo plan. If you’re not used to eating things like squid you may have to broaden your palate and try new foods. You’ll notice that the breadcrumbs have been done away with as they aren’t allowed on the Paleo diet. You’ll notice when eating Paleo that you are naturally using foods that are good for you, but that also taste good and are made in a way that keeps them healthy. If it was a meat-centric diet it wouldn’t be very healthy, and it wouldn’t be in line with what our ancestors were eating in the Stone Age.
For starters they’ve gotten rid of white potatoes that play such a big role, and replace them with sweet potatoes which are a recommended Paleo food because they are loaded with antioxidants and fiber.
The best part is they only use two ingredients, apples and cinnamon, so there’s never any doubt as to whether these are healthy or not.
Many of the dishes that you make will not look any different than “normal” food, and if you don’t want to tell anyone it’s Paleo friendly, you don’t have to. Giving up dessert is not necessary on Paleo, it’s simply a matter of changing your idea of what dessert has to be. Even though it’s referred to as the Paleo Diet, it’s more like a lifestyle and a way of being than something that you have to force yourself to do.
The puff pastry has been replaced with almond flour, so no concerns about wheat or grains, and the filling is made with no dairy, using only ingredients commonly found in Paleo cooking and baking recipes. Have this with some Paleo ice cream to really send yourself to the limits of deliciousness. That’s because Paleo requires matching your meat intake with your vegetable intake for the right balance.
She’s also using plenty of garlic, so you know that this roast will be noticeable on your palate. The bottom layer is made up entirely of ground beef, and then they put a vegetable crust over the top of the meat layer, making it a balanced Paleo meal by giving you your vegetables. Notice how she’s paired this with a side of mixed vegetables which is a big facet of Paleo eating.
They show this being served with broccoli and pumpkin, showcasing the way a Paleo meal should book.
There is also fresh ginger used, and garlic, and they recommend free range organic chicken breasts, which should become your new way of buying chicken when on the Paleo diet.
There is also a cilantro mayo which is made from a Paleo friendly mayonnaise recipe, as well as coconut milk, chili powder, and cayenne. In this burger they have red chilli and ginger being used to try to capture some of the Thai flavor, and they’ve served it open-faced on slice of Paleo bread.
This is served up without a bun, and on a bed of creamed spinach, and she provides a nice creamed spinach recipe that doesn’t use any dairy, but uses coconut milk instead.
The usual Paleo baking suspects like almond butter and coconut powder are here, but you’ll also find zucchini, avocados, and dates for a bigger nutritional boon. I took a few photos along the way to make it even more easy to follow for those of you who get puzzled by dessert recipes like I do.
They include a separate recipe for that so you can get both portions of these cupcakes going at the same time.
It goes against the perception that Paleo is all about eating like a caveman and you just eat a bunch of meat. It’s not just any sugar used here, but coconut palm sugar, a naturally sweet source that has not been refined or processed like the sugar sold in big bags at the grocery store. You don’t necessarily want to knock it out with one brownie, but having a treat like this once in awhile is also OK, as the Paleo philosophy is not about deprivation, but rather using high quality ingredients in place of low quality ones. You don’t want to get into the habit of nixing a recipe just because it has one or two things that aren’t Paleo. This is a cookie you can slow down for, and you won’t even need a glass of milk, unless it’s almond milk, since cow’s milk is a no-go on Paleo.
As a Paleo follower you simply have to get used to eating your vegetables each day, but maybe not in pie form. Olive oil is additional healthy fat, and the Paleo diet is one of the few diets out there that places such a primary importance on getting healthy fats into your body. A recipe for a special hollandaise sauce is also provided, making this a truly unique recipe, and something that can get you up and out of bed with gusto. The other ingredients all fall well within your Paleo guidelines, so you can eat until satisfied. This makes for a microcosm of what it’s like to eat a perfectly portioned Paleo meal.
Don’t be afraid to try new recipes on Paleo, trial and error is how our species made it this far.
Creativity is one of the main and factors when you are eating Paleo because nothing is really off limits, you just have to figure out how you can have it. Paleo isn’t very fruit centric, but you should be having at least one serving of fruit per day, and this can be it. The other ingredients are all-natural, just be sure to use organic pumpkin seeds for the best results. This goes great with a Paleo ice cream, so it’s true that you can really have your Paleo cake and eat it too, without feeling lousy or regretful afterward.
The cheese on the top is optional, so use your best judgment on this and opt out of it if you know you can’t handle cheese.
Paying attention to the foods that you’re eating is a big part of Paleo, and you want to exert quality control on everything that goes into your body. Yes, certain foods aren’t part of the Paleo plate, but that doesn’t mean you’re entering a time without treats. And when you add it on top of the instant ice cream recipe they include you’ve got a fast and delicious way to finish any Paleo meal in style. If you are unable to process any sort of dairy you’ll want to omit this part, but many Paleo followers allow a bit of high quality cheese now and then.

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