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A few weeks back I suggested to Juli that PaleOMG needed a pre and post workout nutrition post. Before you can begin thinking about the gritty details of food as fuel I believe you must understand how remarkably important what we put into our body is. Day-to-day meals for me typically consist of more good fats and less carbs than a typical Paleo diet. My goals revolve around competition so I consume between 40 and 50 grams of protein and about 30 grams of carbs after daily workouts – ask Julie, I always have some sort of fruit in my hand post workout.
It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig – they cover pre and post workout nutrition here too! I also wonder about protein shakes, I usualy have them 3 times a week but 2 days a week I do full meals before work. It can be hard at first to get post workout meals, in the beginning I struggled with it too. I normally have a protein shake after a hard workout (I don’t eat that much meat) but am now confused after this post. If your goals are getting and staying lean, liquid food is not a good post workout meal because of the high insulin response.
Really appreciate your post John, i’m doing my research on Paleo at the moment and trying to adapt to sticking to a few rules whilst conjuring up recipe ideas and just got to post work out nutrition… now back to reading this post!

My idea was that Juli works her magic and cooks some amazing food then the Gang eats them before and after a local weekend CrossFit competition. Well whether you want to compete in the CrossFit games, run a marathon, dead-lift 500 pounds, or simply look better naked, we can all benefit from good post workout nutrition. Eating protein post workout will stop the catabolic effects that training induces and promote anabolic conditions.
My concentration in Evolutionary Sports Nutrition combined nutritional anthropology, chem, bio, anatomy, agroecology, paleo nutrition and WAY more.
The idea is that if your goals are to lean out and you have a higher body fat percentage you should eat less carbs after a workout. In my post I spoke about the metabolic window – this is when your insulin senility is increased and it takes less insulin to clean up post workout meal glucose from the blood.
I usually wait until I am hungry to eat after a workout, which is usually between 60 – 90 mins after a WOD. Another common goal is to lean out or lose weight and post workout macronutrient quantities can be determined using your percent body fat. However, I am one those people that can not go totally low carb or I will lose weight very quickly (not that this is a bas thing) but the second I put anything outside of Paleo in my mouth I gain ten pounds back.
I am in complete agreement that whole foods should always come first, but sometimes the shakes are needed especially when you need instant recovery or it will be a bit of time before your next whole food meal!

I normally eat a small snack on the way (hard-boiled egg), but my performance is always much worse than workouts later in the day.
I’ve had an Apple Pie Lara Bar (which is 18 grams of sugar, yikes) but it fuels me for the workout. So here it is my hungry friends – these are my experiences with pre and post workout nutrition. So, the day before a competition I substantially increase the amount of carbohydrates that I eat – I try to eat mostly easily digestible, non-dense carbs.
Without the right post workout nutrition you are setting yourself up for failure so give yourself the opportunity to succeed. I am Paleo and love it, but now that i have the eating habits down, i want optimal results for weight loss. Over time I have gotten better with morning workouts, but there is no way around it, morning workouts suck.

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