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Posted on August 25, 2013 Written by Toni Dash 18 Comments Starting a new school year is like moving to another planet. I currently have a fifth grader and a high schooler and have been packing their lunches since Pre-School.  I’ve tried every possible container style seeking the perfect form, function and fit.
Once you have your great new lunch box, water bottle and great containers you have to label them or dig through the deadly Lost and Found pile at school to find them if accidentally left behind at school. Disclosure: I am compensated for my role as a leader in the Udi’s Gluten-free community, a forum designed to share knowledge of gluten-free living with others. This post isn’t really just for Back-to-School it just conveniently coincides with it. Encouraging your child to help pack lunches usingВ Simple Solutions for Healthy School Lunches from The Educators’ Spin On It can be a huge time saver.
A month of school lunches already planned from В you makes the job a no brainer, love this Month of School Kid Approved School Lunches from Mom Endeavors. Think about it, we need pack school lunch for 180 days, trust me we need resources to turn to!
Avoid Peer Pressure– You will hear all sorts of stories about what each student is allowed to bring to school in their lunches.
My daughter will be starting Kindergarten in a couple weeks and the thought of thinking up easy healthy lunches has me a little nervous!

I too am always looking for ideas, which is why we created our Help Packing School Lunch Board on PInterest. The classicВ peanut butter and jellyВ sandwiches are now shunned in many schools because peanuts have become associated with adverse effects.
Sandwiches have an almost unlimited potential, but if you get into the habit of giving your child sandwiches as a packed lunch, make sure to vary what you put in them and regularly include fresh produce. A batch of muffins can serve as lunch for the whole family, and making these healthy treats is surprisingly addictive!
Making sushi yourself isn't that difficult, and let's face it — there are going to be days when you do not have the time to prepare a healthy packed lunch from scratch, but you still want to make sure your child doesn't eat junk food for lunch. You can buy ready-made in many places, and it offers a pretty healthy lunch whether you go for fish or vegetarian options.
Surprising kids (or adults) with fruits and vegetables cut out with inexpensive Japanese vegetable cutters or mini cookie cutters go a long way to entice your luncher toward gobbling up fun looking food.
Having a special selection of monogrammed cotton lunch box napkins are a great lunch box addition which last for years, such as these from Pottery Barn. Wean Green has a colorful line of every size container to fit your food storage and lunch box needs.
So much creativity, and I myself need these ideas for a life on the go, even without any kids of my own.

Day by day we take a peek in the fridge and pantry and try to decide what to put into their lunch box that they might actually eat. If your child isn't allergic, peanuts aren't banned at her school, and you can count on your kid not to share her lunch with others, PB&J sandwiches are still a great option because peanuts are a wonderful source of monounsaturated fats that are heart-healthy. These miniature Champagne Grapes have kept my son’s lunch table rapt with fascination for the past week.
To make a tortilla lunch extra healthy, make sure to include a side of guacamole, that avocado dip that goes with most Mexican foods. Savory muffins with some fresh fruit like an apple or orange for desert are a great option, but you can also make blueberry and chocolate muffins, or some other sweet variation, as a treat. With the common interest of Pinterest I thought it might be fun to feature my top kids lunch box ideas for you to get ready for back to school time with your family.

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