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The preservative sodium nitrite fights harmful bacteria in ham, salami and other processed and cured meats and also lends them their pink coloration. But under certain conditions, nitrite can instead form nitrosamines, molecules that cause cancer in lab animals.
Despite the growing indications that nitrite is safe for most people, don't pull out the celebratory pepperoni just yet.
Some of the food products out there are downright scary, so to help you navigate the grocery store minefield—dangerous territory that extends to the deli section and the dairy—we sent our intrepid reporters to examine the many brands out there, in hopes of finding the best food products* available at most supermarkets or online. Like their bread, Food for Life’s English muffins contain only organic sprouted grains, yeast, gluten, and salt. Food for Life’s tortillas are made from organic sprouted grains, seeds, lentils, water, sea salt, and nothing else.
As with chicken stock, making your own is best and can be done with as little as an onion, some celery, a carrot, and water. Buffalo (also known as bison) can be a great healthy alternative to red meat like steak or beef. Chicken can be an exceptionally lean meat and impressively low in saturated fat when consumed without the skin. Ostrich is another great choice for those trying to eat less red meat but who still crave the taste. This meat comes from the shank half of the lamb and if it's very well trimmed it can be a reasonably healthy meat to enjoy.
Try to consume these meats in moderation since their nutritional profile isn't as impressive.

While it's true that a diet rich in fruits and veggies has countless benefits, there are also ways to enjoy meat without feeling unhealthy.
In a typical person's diet, 80 percent of nitrite comes from vegetables such as spinach, radishes and lettuce, and another 13 percent comes from swallowed saliva. In an effort to minimize nitrosamine formation, while still preventing food-borne illnesses like botulism, the U.S. Meat manufacturers now add the antioxidant ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, to their products, which promotes the formation of relatively harmless nitric oxide and counteracts the development of the possibly cancer-causing nitrosamines. Bacon is especially high in nitrite and can form nitrosamines when fried at high temperatures. Reach willy-nilly for any jam jar on the shelf and you might be picking up a jar of fruit laced with high fructose corn syrup, tons of added sugar, aspartame, and Red 40. Their ideal size (80 calories, 3 g protein, and 2 g fiber) and clean ingredients list make them the healthiest choice for wraps and personal pizzas.
Their buns are made from organic sprouted 100% whole wheat and 100% whole wheat flour (always look for the 100%). Their meats have no nitrites or fillers and stick to the basics—sliced protein, water, salt, and carrageenan obtained from seaweed.
Their size, hearty crunch, and versatility with toppings make them a good choice for healthy snacks and small meals too! With just 26 mg of sodium per serving and 120 calories for 18 chips, you can snack without feeling guilty. There are meats you can enjoy that won't affect your cholesterol or send your sodium levels through the roof.

The taste of buffalo is comparable to that of more common red meats and it has half as much fat and fewer calories. It’s leaner than most deli meats, lower in saturated fat and offers about seven grams of protein per slice.
A four-ounce serving of white meat turkey without the skin has 158 calories and 34 grams of protein.
Enjoying this one with the skin is a bit more fattening, but at least there are a lot of minerals in the bird to make up for it. Department of Agriculture enforces a limit of 200 parts of sodium nitrite preservatives per million parts of meat, by weight.
If you have a Trader Joe’sВ® nearby, theirs is best as it contains only water, soybeans, wheat, and salt. But if you’re going to buy prepared hummus, selecting one that is close to how you would make it from scratch is best. Traditionally white meat has been lauded as the healthier part of the chicken, but while white meat is lower in calories, dark meat contains more zinc and B vitamins than white meat does. This size serving of lamb shank also contains about 50 percent of the daily recommended intake of zinc for women and 36 percent for men. Have no fear meat-eaters, we've gathered the best and worst meats you can find so you'll be better prepared for dinner.

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