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Forget those slices of toast and cheeky cheese sarnies, playing havoc with your low carb diet.
New LivLife Seriously Seeded is baked using a tasty mix of linseeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, making it a deliciously, healthy alternative to normal bread that tastes just like regular seeded bread.
Carbohydrates have had a terrible reputation so it isn't surprising so many people had cut them out from their diets.
Order your LivLife bread below for it to be delivered to your door (please note: one case contains four loaves. Low-carb breads, which are beginning to make their mark, could be the answer to the hunger pangs, nutritionists and bakers say. Protein Bread, which has just been launched in the UK and is made in Britain from wholemeal flour, took almost three years to develop with the formula going through more than 80 recipes before its manufacturers, Dr Zak's, deemed it good enough.It is much denser than normal bread too.
It includes more than 15 grams of wheat and pea protein in every slice - regular breads contain only around two grams of protein - which aims to make consumers feel fuller without feeling bloated.The bread is high in Omega 3s too, so eating it claims to keeps you fuller for longer than conventional high fat bread.

For those following brutal low-carb diet plans such as Atkins or Dukan, the holy mantra of comestibles has often been 'bread and pasta are the enemy'. Dr Zak released a high-protein bread earlier in the year, with 30.4g of protein per two-slice serving, so carb-deniers are now ever more able to stock their larders as the rest of the population does. User Jo remarked that it is a 'great product and tastes nice too', while Big Dan said: 'I just had 150g serving with diced chicken breasts mixed with sun dried tomato sauce. By replacing wheat flours with natural protein flours and delicious seeds and grains, LivLife bread has 50% less carbs per slice, compared to regular seeded, white and brown sliced loafs.
However, we are a nation of sandwich lovers and although bread is seen as the worst offender of all carbs, it's the one food product that consumers can't live without. However, the two-Michelin star chef is unlikely to add this low-carb offering to his bread basket any time soon.
And while there's no doubt it does the trick (see the review below), this is not a diet food for those avoiding carbs completely.

So we saw a gap in the market for a new kind of bread, one with a much lower carbohydrate content than normal bread and a much higher protein content. The packaging of bread was not exactly appealing - it focused on conveying nutritional information, which is no bad thing, but the way the blueish green tinge crept down the sides of the bag was a tad reminiscent of mould - never a good look when it comes to bread. Women have an emotional connection to carbs, stating that they feel better, have more energy and look better in their clothes when they eat less carbs.
The bread itself tasted and felt dense and was firmer than a slice of normal bread, but also a touch more moist. In taste and texture it is halfway between white and wholegrain pasta, but has low carbs and high protein.

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