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April 18, 2015 By Carolyn 175 Comments This might just be the best low carb bread recipe, and you can use it for rolls, sticky buns and pizza! I also wanted to develop a bread recipe that could be used in multiple applications and I think I’ve succeeded. Even though mine sank, it’s still light and airy and very close to a yeast bread in texture and feel. I know many people experience frustration with psyllium bread recipes being gummy or deflating after being removed from the oven and I think a lot of that is the brand differences.
I’ve used it for my low carb Pizza rolls, loaf bread, bunsВ and yes, some delicious low carb sticky buns.

My wife was excited this morning when I told her I was going to try a new bread recipe – don’t want to disappoint her!
I think I like the Now Brand better, as the Yerba Prima gives my bread more of that slight purply colour.
In this case, you only add just enough hot water to expand the bread to about 1.5 to 2 times the original size. I’ve been making tortillas using a similar recipe and would love to make it into a bread.
Psyllium is like many other low carb ingredients, something that takes a little getting used to.

I know that my baking powder is OK because a few days ago I made another bread recipe which worked fine.

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