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This bright citrus chickpea cilantro salad from FitSugar reader Sprint2theTable takes a cue from Indian-inspired fare, and is a great way to use up that bunch of cilantro you bought for taco night.
So much healthier than a greasy slice, this pizza-salad with fresh herbs and feta combines all the best pie flavors — including those from fresh basil, parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme — into a 400-calorie, extra nutritious salad. According to a recent study, it has been found that people who consume good amount of vegetarian salads, have high levels of anti-oxidants to fight from various diseases. These Indian salad recipes will consist of many fruits and veggies such as Carrots, Cucumber, Tomato, Spinach, Water Melon, Papaya, Sapota, etc..
So friends, have a look at these cool salad recipes and grow your healthy living with these varieties of vegetarian salad recipes. If you are looking for some weight loss diet salad recipes with good combination of tastes, then you can go with this Indian salad recipe. Yoghurt or Curd has multiple healthy benefits which gives a delicious side to your breakfast meal.

Feel them like a good salad & you can even add ingredients to them according to your taste. February 8, 2012 By Dan Toombs 12 Comments This simple cucumber salad is very low in calories while being quite high in taste!
One thing I have learned through making so much Indian food is that there are so many amazingly good recipes out there with next to no calories!
On the weekends when I allow myself to indulge a bit more, I like topping naans with a selection of curries and a bit of this cucumber salad and a yogurt raita. This tomato, peach, and basil salad would be a crowd favorite at any healthy Labor Day barbecue.
Be it Mango Salsa, Potato Basil, Sprouts capsi Salad, Nutri Salad, Tomato Salad dressing…!! Including this vegetarian salad recipe in your diet gives you healthy nutritional values by using fermented milk products.

Try these yummy & healthy vegetarian salad recipes that are freshly prepared at home without meat. So, considering the facts, go for this healthy salad recipe with the mouth watering taste..! Its greatest health benefit is that it’s helpful in high blood pressure (High BP) problems. Lately I have been cooking a lot of vegetarian curries and serving them with salads like this this cucumber salad.

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