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When I first got hooked on instagram as a tool for healthy inspiration, I blogged about my 10 favorite accounts (check it out here). If you haven’t seen my original post about the 10 best instagram accounts to inspire healthy living, check it out here. So without further ado, here are 10 more of the best instagram accounts to inspire healthy living. Les Fabuleux Deux discovered this cool brand on Instagram a couple weeks ago and we are in love with this new jewelry brand. But this treat is best served warm and liquid, massaged into your limbs, back and torso at a spa. Slick On: For the most even finish and best burst of color, apply a base coat before painting nails.
For people with oily (or even combination) skin, twice-daily washing is probably the best approach.
Lately, the idea of eating three meals a day has morphed into constant grazing, which is bad news for your oral health.

I’m a food safety fanatic, and yet when I checked my fridge, I was shocked to discover that even though it felt cold, it was 51 F — way too warm. To avoid food poisoning: Always defrost protein foods in the package on a plate or in a container on the fridge’s bottom shelf, advises Nealon. To avoid food poisoning: Place some pathogen-killing vinegar in a spray bottle, douse all produce and wait 30 seconds before cutting.
To avoid food poisoning: Sanitize cutting boards by placing them in the dishwasher or pouring boiling water over them.
Full of vegetables (including healthy greens) and lean protein, Asian food is a healthy choice … until it’s smothered in typical takeout sauces, which are loaded with sugar, salt and calories. Yet many people are unaware of some basic food safety rules — or don’t take them seriously enough. Even though I’m a certified health nut (err, I mean coach), I find their simple buttery sweetness to be nearly irresistible — and so do my clients.
Here, five things that sound like good skin and oral health practices — and why they really aren’t.

But don’t sabotage their amazing flavor and health benefits by tossing them with a dressing that’s full of saturated fat, sodium and preservatives.
Here are the seven kitchen mistakes many people make and get sick … and what you need to remember to not do in order to stay healthy and happy this summer. But the best part about it is that it has a lower glycemic index (about 35 compared to 60 for white sugar), so it won’t raise your blood sugar nearly as much. I find that sugar cookies and other baked goods just don’t taste as good without it, so I think it’s worth the splurge — especially if the rest of your ingredients are on the healthier side.

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