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This time of year, we're craving comfort foods, hearty soups and easy, filling weeknight meals.
How to Pick Healthy BreadWith so many products on the market, it's not always easy to find the most nutritious bread. Comfort-Food Recipes for RunnersWhen you're training hard, you want something more substantial to eat than a salad. 9 Best Low-Calorie RecipesSlimming down doesn't have to mean sacrificing all of your favorite treats. 7 Best Foods for the OffseasonTo prevent unwanted weight gain when you're not running, you need to be careful with your diet. OK, so I’m not making a great case here so far for unhealthy vegan food, but I promise that not every recipe on this list is healthy. I couldn’t compile a list of comfort foods without including a dessert, and this bread pudding pulls out all of the stops.

A plate of nachos is one of my favorite comfort foods, and this recipe from Cadry’s Kitchen is phenomenal.
You'll find mac and cheese, apple crisp and other classic recipes to try—plus some surprises that we think might just become your new favorite fall recipes.
Follow these tips to add them to your diet, improve your health, and boost your performance.
These recipes are proof that you don’t have to resort to animal products to satisfy your comfort food cravings! I know I just said that vegan food doesn’t have to be healthy, but this cozy soup recipe is comfort food that’s actually good for you! This tried-and-true recipe gets a cheesy flavor from a vegan staple ingredient: nutritional yeast. You can up the comfort food power by serving it up with mashed potatoes instead of the sauteed greens that the recipe suggests.

This recipe uses kamut in the stuffing, but you can substitute brown rice, if you can’t find this ancient grain at your grocery store.
She’s actually recreating a comfort food recipe from her past, so you know that this dish is decadent! When she moved away I asked her for the recipe, because my husband and I missed it so much.

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