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When it comes to controlling a healthy weight, your downfall could simply be that you're losing track of your calorie intake. I did a massive spreadsheet, and I charted everything from calories, to grams of fat, saturated fat, carbs, fiber, sodium, calcium, cholesterol, sugar, and protein, and tried to manipulate my foods so that I ate more 'good stuff'. The secret to shedding pounds, and keeping them off, may be as simple as writing down what you eat and drink in a food journal.

So I started a food diary and then I was able to realize that my pigging out was directly related to Aunt Flo (or that time of the month).
You do it recording your normal food for just one day, and you can see where your extra calories are coming from.
For me that means researching and finding out what will work best for me and for my family.

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