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I have been shopping for aquariums and fish supplies, and this is the BEST place for reasonable prices. Protein Skimmers By Style: Hang On Back Protein SkimmersAquarium protein skimmers are designed to hang on the back of the tank, sit in the sump, or sit in the tank.
The Bak-Pak 2 Bio-Filter Protein Skimmer is the second generation external, hang on the back, combination Protein Skimmer and Biological Filtration unit from CPR. The Reef Octopus Classic 90-HOB Protein Skimmer is a totally different approach to HOB skimmers as it has a cylindrical main body and is capable of filtering aquariums up to 130 gallons. CPR has taken the proven technology behind the Bak-Pak 2, and created the larger Bak-Pak Dual Pak protein skimmer. I gave in and went with the Cadlights, but I think if it'll fit in the BC29 while allowing the lid (or lids if you have the HQI) to close it'll still get a lot of business because right now your only choices are the AL115 (so so at best) or the Tunze, which has to go in chamber 2. No need to purchase an overflow or return pump, the Bak-Pak 2R+ simply hangs on the back of your tank. Instead of using a dedicated venturi pump to produce fine-sized air bubbles, the AP utilizes an economical air pump to inject the air into the skimmer body via airstones.

The Dual Pak provides a complete hang-on filtration unit for tanks up to 100 gallons that incorporates two protein skimmers with a biological filtration chamber in the middle. Think I will scratch the pre-order as I need some kind of idea if my pre-order will yield a skimmer or if it will get me one from another batch in a month. Fish, Corals, Pumps, Filters, Protein Skimmers, Aquarium Lighting, and all the Supplements you need. All the protein skimmers for sale on this page are designed to hang on the back of the tank. To install, simply place the skimmer on the back of the aquarium, mount the pump in place, adjust the intake strainer and it's ready to skim. Using proven Rejuvenation Venturi technology, the protein skimmers are flooded with bubbles for constant removal of excess organics.
Anyone that can create a skimmer that's better than the AL 115 (and honeslty that wouldn't be too hard) that ALSO will fit in chamber 1 of the BC29, I think will have a good showing among the nano crowd. It creates a strong mix of small air bubbles and turbulent water movement to force protein, waste and other materials into a collection cup for easy removal.

Reef Aquariums require alot of different reef supplies and test kits, and we carry all the best brands. They range from very affordable hang on the back protein skimmers to the best hang on the back protein skimmers on the market. AquaMaxx skimmers are computer-precision engineered and utilize the latest filtration technology to deliver the performance and value you are looking for in a protein skimmer.EASE OF USEAquaMaxx HOB Series I protein skimmers are easy to setup and maintain.
Plus, every AquaMaxx protein skimmer includes a drain fitting for hobbyists who want to setup a separate reservoir for skimmate.Water quality and consistency is crucial to the success of a marine aquarium.
AquaMaxx HOB Series I protein skimmers have the pump placed inside the skimmer itself to save space, reduce noise and improve efficiency.All AquaMaxx protein skimmers are computer designed.

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