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Thirdly, one should eat foods which are not only beneficial to the body but also light and easily digestible before going out for a run.
As running is predominantly an aerobic exercise, seasons play a crucial role in the process. Food consumed for a runner should be according to a strict diet plan aimed at providing proper nutrition and a balanced diet according to the runner’s needs.
The human body, like a machine requires power to operate; the energy from food gives the power to run. There is high energy and strength required in the case of sprint and short distance running.
The first pre requisite for all the foods to eat before running is providing sufficient calorie intake for carrying out the physical rigors of running. Consuming foods with low GI, high amounts of carbohydrates and proteins in a “grazing” way i.e. Those for whom running is more than just means to a fit body, controlling and monitoring their diet has way more significance than those who run for fun. Low fat plain Yoghurt: Yoghurt is Calcium rich, prevents fatigue, perfect replenishment food for athletes.
Like other cardio exercises, running also includes aerobic and anaerobic endurance workout. The major supplements to be incorporated while eating before running are Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium.

For a running athlete, it contains more carbohydrates and proteins than fats, except for some long distance runners.
As these allergies lead to running nose and cough, this decreases the level of performance. All of these checkups are essential to make sure the body is fit for running and if fit, then it has a role in deciding the intensity, frequency and duration of the running. Well different runners need different amounts of energy for their different types of running workouts. It is applied in context of the quantity of food and the amount of carbohydrates in the food.В  Low GI means that the food releases glucose slowly and steadily, while foods having high GI release instant glucose in the blood stream. So, wherever you may be and whatever your running habits may be, remember to eat a balanced diet before a run.
Do not indulge in activities like watching TV or using the computer as they may lead you to lose track of how much you are eating. Regular checkups are also helpful in analyzing the performance of the body under running exercises and in improving future performances. High protein content in foods, help to repair muscle fibers after they break while exercising. Eating Spinach, Asparagus, Lentils, kale, broccoli, Tofu, soyabean and green leafy vegetables can refurnish your iron stores.
So, keeping a dietary table and keeping record of food consumption is recommended for proper dietary assessment.

High energy is required for athletes which compete in long distance running or sprint running.
Glycogen adds to the muscle size and volume, while eating more carbohydrates allow the protein to make more muscle by freeing them from being used as fuel in the energy making process. The energy requirement is fulfilled by eating smaller and more frequent healthy foods instead of the three meal system.
However, snacking healthy foods like fruits and yoghurt is better than snacking on chips and candy.
Use energy drinks if possible as they replenish the glucose levels also, otherwise plain water is always the best. Oxidation rates have been found to be higher for low GI foods than high GI foods further strengthening the case of low GI meals. Snacking of 100-200 calories of healthy food 5-6 times along with a couple of standard meals are enough to take care of the required calorie intake. These high amounts of protein can be furnished by eating animal proteins, dairy products or vegetables.

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