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Lupus is an inflammatory autoimmune disease that can affect multiple parts of the body including the various organ systems. It is very important to state that we, at Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus, do not endorse either of these diets. Choose lean protein sources such as chicken; cutting back on red meat and full-fat dairy foods. The theory is that eating foods that contain gut-irritating compounds causes a ‘leaky-gut’ which means that any of the non-recommended foods are not able to be digested properly, passing large pieces from the intestines directly into your blood stream.  Your body sees these as foreign substances and begins to activate the immune system which will, in turn, attack not only these substances, but the body. The Paleo diet does exclude several large food groups and encourages a high consumption of animal fats. According to the Mayo Clinic, “People with lupus should eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
I recently came across a story about a teenage girl named Julisa, who was cured of lupus by a whole foods diet. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with lupus, you are already well aware of the baffling symptoms and the pain most people go through with this terrible auto-immune disease.
Although the exact reasons as to why some things people consume tend to make their symptoms worse is not fully understood, but the fact remains that eating or not eating certain type’s foods, and even some supplements, can make lupus symptoms worse or better. Check out our list of foods that you should cut out of your diet or start including in your diet if you suffer from lupus and see if these simple changes can give you the relief you are looking for. These foods contain everything you want to avoid to begin with; excessive salt, sugar, and trans-fats. Eating refined carbs such as rice, white bread, pasta, and other types of snack foods all cause problems for those with lupus. Many people enjoy alfalfa based green smoothies, sprouts, or have become accustomed to taking alfalfa supplements as this herb is super nutritious and has many vital nutrients, however, alfalfa is a big DON’T when you have lupus. Although there are no studies to prove a connection, but many people with lupus say that nightshade vegetables, including tomatoes, white potatoes, sweet peppers, eggplant, and hot peppers, only make their symptoms flare up, sometimes out of control when they consume large quantities or eat these veggies a few times per week.

Although you might read about how certain herbs or supplements help to control lupus symptoms, there have been no studies and no hard evidence that any of them work at all. More than 50 million people in the United States are all allergic to something, whether it's a food, dander, dust, or other triggers. For most thyroid patients, having thyroid disease is a lifetime, chronic health condition that can often be challenging.
Marshall Christensen holds his daughter Jessica, who has a severe form of epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome.
According to the Department of Health and Human Services and American Heart Association, chronic inflammation might cause diseases such as atherosclerosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, food intolerances, diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart disease and in some cases even cancer. The Paleo diet, as its name states, is a diet based around focusing on foods that have been eaten by humans for thousands of years during their evolution. These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that benefit overall health and can help prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer and digestive disorders.
While these diets, or eating plans, may have some merit, individual foods should not be the focus. These three can be lethal for lupus patients, who already have an increased risk of heart problems. Red meat causes inflammation in the body, something you, as a lupus sufferer, already have too much of.
Even persons who don’t have lupus have health problems or negative reactions to these chemicals, so imagine what they are doing to you! In fact, sugar in general is something you need to avoid as much as you possibly can.  Sugar hides in many innocent looking foods such as ketchup, barbeque sauce, even canned vegetables, so read labels carefully. This herb contains an amino acid (L-canavanine) which send the immune system into super hyped-up overdrive, which is good for other people, but not for those who suffer from lupus.
If you suspect these otherwise healthy veggies are causing you to have flare ups, keep a food diary and take a note of how you feel a few hours after eating certain nightshade vegetables.

If you are taking prescription drugs or steroids for your lupus symptoms, some of these supplements can interact or interfere with your med’s. Many patients choose to supplement their pharmaceutical care with alternative treatments and lifestyle adjustments like using diet and exercise to minimize lupus symptoms.
In general, it is a good idea for people with autoimmune disorders to discuss any major dietary changes with their doctor beforehand.
Read labels and avoid purchasing foods with more than one ingredient or that have descriptive words.
Many patients with lupus find that simply removing red meat from their diet gives them much needed relief from symptoms such as joint pain within a matter of days. In fact, several research studies show that there is a link between artificial sweeteners and the development of lupus and that these completely unnatural sweeteners only make the symptoms of lupus worse. Alfalfa often gives lupus patients extreme fatigue and muscle pain, and doctors note that it causes extreme variations in their blood test results. These foods are fresh and free of any added preservatives, mainly consisting of vegetables and meats. Natural antioxidants in these foods will fight free radicals responsible for diseases like lupus. There is evidence that microwaving food destroys even more of the nutritional content of food than conventional cooking. The majority of chronic illnesses like lupus are known to be caused by a less than healthy environment, poor nutrition and lack of exercise. The higher the nutritional value of your food, the more disease fighting power there is to attack the lupus.

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