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Wet food is generally considered to be a better choice for cats; they require water with their food as they do not have a strong urge to drink if they are thirsty. Cats are classified as carnivores; they need meat in order to develop and grow into a healthy cat.
There a few things you should never feed your cat; some food is just too poisonous for their little digestive systems to handle. Bones are also dangerous for cats, it might surprise you,В but they can choke onВ them.В В Even a small splinter can damage their digestive system. Urinary tract infections appear so frequently in cats, you would think they were the equivalent of a human's common cold. Paying attention to your cat’s dietВ will pay off over their lifetime andВ can help them avoidВ many illnesses. If you do use dry kibble, be sure to check the label to see that it has high quality proteins, and is not overloaded with carbs.В To avoid risky dehydration try to balance between wet and dry cat food.
There is still controversy about whether cats are able to go vegan; they can draw some nutrients from vegetables, but they need meat to survive. But, you have to be careful what you feed your little feline friend, as most cats become lactose intolerantВ when they reach adulthood. Grapes and raisins are to be avoided, as are garlic and onions; they all contain compounds that can be toxic to cats. But they are considerably more dangerous than a cold, they are not 'caught' from other cats, and they are usually the result of their particular lifestyles. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances.
However, baked carrots, broccoli or some green beans can be healthy for your pet, in small portions, of course.
Having a banana, especially frozen in small portions, is an excellent treat for kitty; it contains high levels of magnesium and potassium.

Sharing a small piece of watermelon is also a very nice treat for your cat and also helps with their diet, it tastes good and contains a lot of water. Tick bites put your dog at risk for Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and a handful of other diseases.
If your pet has hair loss, take him to your vet to see if it could be ringworm Not Bothering to DewormRoundworms are common parasites in both dogs and cats. Not Spaying or Neutering Your PetMillions of cats and dogs live on the street or end up euthanized because of unwanted litters. Keeping the Food Bowl FullWith the best intentions, some people keep their pets' food bowls full at all times. If food is constantly available, they will take in too many calories and put on too much weight. Forcing Cats to Be VegetarianVegetarian people sometimes want their pets to share their lifestyle. The right amount of exercise for a dog depends on the breed and size, but vets recommend at least a half-hour each day. When a dog wants to threaten someone, he may hold his tail high and wave it stiffly back and forth. Making Your Cats Share a Litter BoxMultiple cats plus one litter box equals a formula for elimination problems.
Leaving a Dog Alone Too LongSpending 8-10 hours alone in a crate, tiny laundry closet, or even outdoors is too much for most dogs. Set rules for how children should treat the pet and teach them to recognize the signs that a dog or cat wants to be left alone. Most cats are lactose intolerant, meaning that they can't properly digest the sugars in milk. Letting Dogs Eat Spoiled FoodYour dog may be tempted to rifle through the neighbor's garbage in search of a treat, but don't let her!

Dogs who eat garbage are at risk for bacterial food poisoning or irritation of the pancreas.
Spoiled food may also contain toxic mold, which can cause vomiting, severe tremors, seizures, and death. If you want to share table scraps as an occasional treat, do it away from the table -- and use the food as a reward for good behavior. Feeding Cats Only Dry FoodCats have a low thirst drive by nature, so they may not drink enough to stay well hydrated. There is also a prescription food by Royal Canin (Urinary SO) that is a dry food that encourages pet to drink. Canned food is generally about 78 percent water and is a good option too, but not needed by every cat. A fluid-rich diet is particularly important for cats with a history of urinary tract problems. The CDC advises pregnant women to keep their cats but avoid handling cat litter if possible. It's best to identify pet-friendly shelters and motels ahead of time, so you can keep your pets with you during an emergency. You are making a long-term commitment to care for the animal -- 10 to 15 years for dogs and up to 20 years for cats. It's also best to do some research ahead of time to decide what type of pet -- and what specific breed -- would be best for your family.

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