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The 12-Minute Weight-Loss Plan: High intensity interval training + smart eating = fast, easy weight loss by Dr Michael Spira, (8th January 2015).
This diet is split into two sections – there is an Orientation phase (Phase One), which lasts for two weeks and helps kick-start the diet which is followed by the Continuation Phase (Phase Two), which is meant to be a healthy guide to the rest of your life. Dr Sue Shepard is an Accredited Nutritionist and an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian. There are no exercise tips included but to be fair, this is a cookbook to help aid digestion rather than a diet to lose weight. The Burn: Why Your Scale Is Stuck and What to Eat about ItВ by Haylie Pomroy, (1st January 2015). Renowned nutritionist Haylie Pomroy is best known for her first book The Fast Metabolism DietВ and has helped thousands of people shift weight with her diet programs.
Peta Bee is a health and fitness expert who has based The Ice Diet on scientific research that shows our overuse of artificial heating means our bodies no longer feel the benefits of the cold and has ultimately led to weight gain. Your diet will consist of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs and natural fats.
Unfortunately, exercise tips aren’t included from these two fitness coaches but then, they are stating that you can lose weight and keep lean simply by your diet regardless of your fitness regime. Healthy Eating to Reduce the Risk of Dementia: 100 Fantastic Recipes Based on Extensive, In-depth Research in Association with the Waterloo FoundationВ byВ Margaret Rayman, Vanessa Ridland, Katie Sharpe and Patsy Westcott,В  (29th January 2015). Margaret Rayman is a Nutritional Medicine Professor and has teamed up with Registered Dietitians Vanessa Ridland and Katie Sharpe, and nutritionist and health writer Patsy Westcott.

Le Boot Camp Diet has four phases – Detox, Attack, Booster and Maintenance which all last for two weeks. Cut the Crap: The No-Nonsense Plan for a Healthy Body and Mind (Grit Doctor) by Ruth Field, (15th January 2015).
Ruth Field, also known as The Grit Doctor is the author of the best-selling bookВ Run Fat Bitch Run, and acknowledges most diets don’t work long-term and tells you exactly why. Helps readers ditch fad diets and provides simple and accessible healthy eating advice to transform your body and mind without following a set diet.
The prominent point of The Earth Diet is to only eat what Mother Nature provides such as seeds, nuts, vegetables, some grains and if you choose to eat meat, goingВ onlyВ organic – Werner-GrayВ provides options for vegans and meat-eaters.
This isn’t an ordinary weight loss book as it primarily focuses on the psychological barriers that prevent you from achieving (and maintaining) long-term goals. The book doesn’t have recipes or physical exercises but includes mental exercises, dilemmas we can all relate to and nutritional guidelines. Help shed 10 to 15 pounds in 10 days, (yes really), boost your energy levels and reduce those annoying sugar cravings.
The High Fat Diet: How to lose 10 lb in 14 daysВ by Zana Morris and Helen Foster (15th January 2015). Nutritionist specialist Zana Morris is also a personal trainer who owns the The Library, a gym based in Notting Hill,В whilst Helen Foster is a best-selling health journalist.
High Intensity Resistance Training is the way forward on this diet meaning you’ll be working on building your muscles intenselyВ for 10-12 В minutes a day rather than doing one hour cardiovascular workouts.

Every recipe in this book from the popular Japanese-style chain is under 300 calories and takes less than 30 minutes to make. He is a consultant on a UK obesity programme and has been on many national TV shows for his expertise in dieting so he knows what he’s talking about. She developed the low FODMAP diet in 1999 and proved the diet worked effectively for people suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s and Coeliac disease as well as other digestive disorders through her PhD research.
Their diet will consist of carrots, kale, kimchi, onions, pumpkin, pineapple, green apples, chicken, lamb, salmon, eggs, most nuts, and more. The diet is backed up by Le Panel, a board of Olympic athletes, dietitians, nutritionists, physicians, psychologists and scientists, so although Orsoni may not have a medical background, she’s supported by many people that have various expertise in the health and fitness industry.
Yep, you can rely on us to save you from buying loads of books and give you a summary of 13 of the hot diets for this year (you’re welcome).
Bee recommends starting the diet by eating meals within 12 hours and then having a 12 hour gap.В So for example, you would eat all your meals between 7am and 7pm and then not eat again until 7am the next morning.
EST January 30, 2015“The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins is the top-selling novel for the week ending Jan.

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