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I really love this dish because it reminds me of when I was young and when my mom use to cook for us all the time. You can try doubling the recipe, just add an extra 5min and cook for a total of 20-min should be fine. When the cooking cycle is complete, let the pressure cooker drop down in pressure naturally on its own.
I went on vacation for two weeks at the beginning of November.В  I went and visited the city of Taipei, Taiwan!В  I had so much good yummy Chinese food while I was there.В  And when I came back home, I actually missed the Chinese food and wanted more!В  So in honor of my trip, I made some Oxtail Vegetable Soup over the weekend!

Cut the potatoes in half and then quarter them.В  Keep the onions, carrots and potatoes together in a bowl to cook together later.
When the pre-cooking of the oxtail is complete, release the pressure and remove the cooking pot.В  Drain all the water from inside and rinse the oxtail so all the gunk and grime is washed away.
Also, I set the reduced sauce aside and browned the cooked chicken a little before applying the sauce. Nice and tender pieces and the best part was the pieces of chicken that did fall apart, soaked in the liquid ..

That’s right, I’m going to be cooking up some black mamba snake in the pressure cooker!!!

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