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Some experts recommend eggs as the best breakfast food to lose weight, and some will tell you that eggs are bad. Fruit has always been considered healthy any time of the day, but for breakfast, bananas are the best breakfast food to lose weight. Additional foods that are considered to be the best breakfast foods to lose weight include strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, low-fat yogurt, and peaches. In fact, even the worst foods are better than having nothing for breakfast in terms of weight loss, and your Mother was right when she told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it plays a huge role in what you eat for the rest of the day, and how your body performs for the rest of the day. The biggest reason that people tend to skip breakfast is because of the time that it takes to prepare the food, eat, and clean up the mess. The diet industry offers tons of solutions, regardless of how much time you do or do not have to prepare meals.
One of the best ways to stimulate your metabolism is to eat breakfast.В  There are some foods that can give an added boost to this stimulation of the metabolism.
I’ve already outlined several ideas for do-ahead dinners in this post on warm weather batch cooking, and most of our lunches will be picnic-style, so all that is left to think about is breakfast.
Cubed fruit such as bananas, berries, mango is essential to have in the freezer for the occasional smoothie breakfast on the go or when you just don’t feel like having carbs. When I want to turn out a really efficient and easy hot breakfast, I will cook my bacon in advance and freeze it.
Granola is the closest thing to cold cereal that my brother-in-law will find in my pantry, and we all need a help-yourself, no-cook breakfast once in a while. It sounds like a large crowd to feed, and the breakfast ideas are excellent recommendations. I’m planning on having a little breakfast- and afternoon snacks kiosk in a nice town in Venezuela.
There are quite a few clinical trials out there which seem to conclude that people who regularly eat large breakfasts while only consuming small meals at night tend to be, on average, leaner than those who do the opposite.

The conclusion: Women who ate larger morning meals lost slightly more weight, however the ones who ate bigger late-afternoon meals preserved more muscle mass. Chronobiological aspects of weight loss in obesity: effects of different meal timing regimens. For the purpose of weight loss, it won’t make any difference if you eat 8 meals a day spaced out evenly, 3 meals a day spaced out evenly, one small meal in the morning and another huge one right before going to sleep, or any other breakdown you can come up with.
I am glad that you acknowledged that you could of lost that much fat while eating breakfast.
Yup I’m pretty sure I would have had the exact same effect even if I was eating breakfast, though I think it could have gone a little slower because I would have been more hungry in the evening and, as a result, more prone to over-eating. By the way, would love to hear how others here have handled the breakfast thing when getting onto an IF program.
In case this is of help to anyone- due to my work and life style I had very irregular meal times, irregular amounts, lots of skipped meals and plenty of binges too. Whether you are trying to cut back or not, if you miss breakfast, you are essentially setting yourself up for failure, and in the end, you are likely to gain weight instead of losing weight. You can select oatmeal, cereal, or whole grain breads in terms of breakfast foods, but you must use a great deal of care here.
It is important to realize that foods that come to you in their most natural form, as opposed to foods that have been processed are always healthier, but at the same time any food for breakfast is better than no food at all.
Blame it on my British half, but if I don’t have scones to serve to overnight guests, I feel my breakfast is second-rate.
This dairy-free, sugar-free Coconut-Milk Raspberry Smoothie is my latest blended breakfast favorite, so you can be sure I am stockpiling cans of coconut milk too. Simply because two things are connected to each other does not mean that one of them is the result of the other. If any is to be found, it is that meal timing has virtually no impact on weight loss, and if any impact exists – it seems to be in favor of those who consume the majority of their calories later in the day.

My lean body mass virtually didn’t change, meaning that I had not lost almost a single pound of muscle mass in the process. The thing I appreciate the most about intermittent fasting is that it helps kill the meal frequency myth.
Rarely took time to eat breakfast (that wasted precious sleep time lol) and grabbed something to eat when I could or could be bothered but I did eat evening meal most days (and a BIG meal). Statistics have shown that people who eat breakfast will lose more weight and keep that weight off longer than those who do not. If you eat eggs, try not to eat more than two for breakfast, and again, they should be poached or boiled, which does not add to the calories already contained in the egg.
Lately I have actually been shifting from organizing dinner parties to doing more breakfasts and brunches. Obviously this kind of approach is not for everyone as fasting for an entire day can be very difficult from a hunger-control point of view, however the main point still stands – it is very much possible to lose fat while employing a very controversial meal frequency setup.
Today, you can find a multitude of frozen breakfasts that are relatively healthy, but if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you absolutely must start eating breakfast, and if faster weight loss is important to you, you must start eating the best breakfast foods to lose weight. Eating a healthy breakfast, whether you are trying to lose weight or not, takes just a little time, and a little advanced planning on your part. That means stocking the pantry and freezer, jotting down a loose menu plan, and reserving another side of local beef.

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