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Veganism began as a practice of eating non dairy vegetarian food in England in 1944 and was later expanded into veganism philosophy. A vegan diet incorporates all kinds of food stuff except, food that have come from animals.
For a person who follows a vegan diet, certain elements of food nutrition need to be included such as adequate amounts of protein, zinc and vitamin B12.
There is no calorie counting required and you can eat as much as you want, if you are a vegan. A vegan diet for weight loss includes the consumption of large quantities of fruits and vegetables along with grain and protein substitutes like soy, tofu and quinoa.
A vegan diet is high in fibre and rich in nutrients, so it naturally has a low calorie count. A vegan diet for diabetics naturally eliminates the need for high fat food and sugar and is a very compatible diet for people suffering from diabetes.
A vegan diet is high in fibre and nutrients, and does not stimulate cholesterol formation, hence it allows for a smooth flow of blood in the vessels. A vegan diet for diabetics and weight loss, improves upon the nutritional count in your body giving you an alternative to food sources that you thought were important, but were causing harm to your body and system. Vegans do not believe in the use of animal products and follow the school of thought that human beings are primarily herbivorous.
But, a properly planned vegan diet finds a natural replacement for all these nutrients and there are natural sources of proteins like lentils, grains and soy.

This philosophy believes in living without exploiting animals which means, followers of the vegan diet refrain not only from consuming the obvious animal products like meat and eggs, but also from secondary products like milk, cheese, honey etc. Some vegans extend their philosophy into their daily lives and refrain from using animal products as well. Foods excluded in the vegan diet are: meat products, eggs, dairy products like cheese, cream andВ  milk. Some foods which can be safely included in a vegan diet include sources of proteins such as nuts, soy, tofu and lentils. Alcohol and caffeine should be avoided and it is recommended that you try and consume as much of natural and organic food as possible, in accordance with the vegan philosophy. With low calories and cholesterol inducing foods, a vegan diet is very good for heart patients and diabetics.
But, once its principles are understood carefully, and the new vegan ways are adopted, it is a very beneficial diet for everyone who wants a cleaner and healthier body.
Vegans also focus on reducing refined carbs and sugar and promote the use of organic produce. Other foods which you can eat on a vegan diet are quinoa, almond milk, grain milk and lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. A vegan diet eliminates all these artificial sources of sugar in the body and helps bring the blood sugar down. With a lower BMI and better blood pressure, vegans are thinner and fitter than their non vegetarian counterparts and also tend to recover faster from various diseases and ailments.

Nowadays, a vegan diet is prescribed for people trying to lose weight and for ailments like diabetes where there are calorie restrictions when it comes to food. Vegans consume other friendly sources of calcium such as fortified soy, fortified tofu, almonds and hazelnuts which improve the quality of calcium in the body and help improve bone health.
So, a vegan diet eliminates all these from your body as you unknowingly consume lots of harmful chemicals and antibiotics. Unfortunately when choosing a vegan lifestyle for your family you may run into some nay-sayers. Eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, and nuts while supplementing will provide the adequate nutrients for a breastfeeding mother and baby. While it is true there is a lot of protein in meat, often times more than there is in vegetables, the average person actually eats too much protein.
Apart from some exceptions such as quinoa or soybeans, vegetable sources of protein are more often lower in one or more essential amino acids than animal sources. This means eat a wide variety of fruits, nuts, vegetables, legumes, and beans and you are set.

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