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If you are having trouble finding the Evening Carb Swaps System (cuz I know you are!), go to Jorge's Facebook page and click on WELCOME in the top right-hand corner of the screen HERE. The Belly Fat Cure, Jorge Cruise's latest book, came out in January, yet its popularity continues to grow. But back to the book: The spiral-bound softcover book, which has the support of healthy heavyweights such as Dr.
Gail Gedan SpencerWeight Loss ExaminerGail Gedan Spencer is an award-winning blogger and editor who strives to find the perfect combination of diet, exercise and motivation.

A quick scan of an East Coast grocery store finds that some of the products may be hard to find but if you to to Jorge Cruise's Facebook fan page, you may be able to ask him or his fans where to find certain items.
I really think this is the best thing to come from the Belly Fat Cure team since the release of the book. The snack card section totally reminded me of Richard Simmons old Deal-a-Meal (Sister M did this diet in the 80s and loved it!) and seems like a half implemented idea.
I'm excited about the new recipe for the pizza, but honestly, if you truly comprehend how this diet works, you already know how to move things around so you can have what you want when you crave it most.

I always go by the packaging, but I wish Jorge would list actual values when calling out food.

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