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When it comes to Philippines cuisine beef liver is one of the common main ingredients and this particular dish is one of the favorites among many. Most western cultures probably have never heard of it being done this way before, but for most Filipinos it is a pretty common one or at least where I came from.
Thank you for leaving a positive comment, unfortunately due to the high number of requests for recipes I am not able to e-mail recipes. I really love this recipe,it tasted good and i am so happy that my husband have the guts to taste it because of the aroma and the look that captured his attention, he told me that it is an excellent recipe and he want me to.cook atleast one time in a week.

If you want to give Filipino Chicken Liver Steak Recipe a bite, then you will have first to learn how to cook this particular course. Put the marinated liver in the frying pan, fry on both sides but do not over cook, set aside.
Chicken Liver Steak is a marinated fried liver in soy sauce, calamansi juice, and onion sauce. However, you will get to love the delectable taste of Chicken Liver Steak in Filipino style.

The blend of the marinated and fried liver in onion sauce and other ingredients will definitely bring out a unique blend of flavor and aroma.

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