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Well, since two of my diet coaches live with me and they're pretty good at making sure the house is stocked with healthy choices I'm pretty well covered there.
Day 4 in "The Beck Diet Solution Weight Loss Workbook" is titled "Build Your Confidence" by giving yourself credit for every positive thing you do, but on this time around I think of this as being about "Reparing Your Credit" in the sense that most of the time we're all so conditioned to see all of things we're doing wrong whenever we're doing any new lifestyle change. So I gave myself credit today for completing the day very successfully and most important, at least to me is that I think after doing the Beck Diet Solution a few times my "self credit repair" is doing quite well. And even though I have fallen off the wagon quite a few times as I've read and re-read "The Beck Diet Solution" and now as I'm going through "The Beck Diet Solution Weight loss Workbook", I really think that my brain is starting to "think more like a thin person".
The first three weeks of his plan are meant to help you detox your system and then slowly introduce various foods back into your diet to see if you have any adverse reactions to them.

Beck's "Beck Diet Solution Workbook" off the shelf and keep it close by my side during the holiday season. Beck is challenging us to "Make Time" for dieting which has always been a challenge for me, but little by little I'm getting better at it.
Beck's Diet Solution Weight Loss Workbook she tells us to find a diet coach so I decided that I need 4 coaches to keep me on track with my weight loss journey. Beck asks us to "Slow Down and Be Mindful" to maximize our psychological satisfaction by eating slowy and paying full attention to our food. Beck shared that would help me stay very mindful and help me "slow down" with what I was eating today, the image of a turtle came to mind.

Beck is "Sit Down to Eat" 100% today and be aware of any sabotaging thoughts you might have as you become aware of times when you normally may have eaten while standing up. Beck's plan you don't need to diet until Day 14 because during that time you're preparing your mind for dieting.
Beck's suggested Response Card for this day and made a visual mental reminder that I could keep in plain site.

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