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I picked Red Snapper because every recipe I read on grilling whole fish listed it as one of the best tasting choices. Anyway, it seems really good recipe, so I can use it with some other fish, and the most of all, pictures are more than great. I got my whole Red Snapper at the 99 Ranch Market, which has about 25 feet of whole fresh fish on ice. My name is Lynne Hemer and I am a woman obsessed with food and cooking, in search of new, unusual, exotic and sublime ingredients and recipes.

Snapper is a great choice and your sauce sounds wonderful, I will go with your suggestion to use the basket. The Red Snapper is found in the Gulf of Mexico and the southeast Atlantic coast of the U.S. And I received my catalog for my cookbook book club and there was one whole page titled “Beautiful Holiday Recipes.” Maybe I should get going on my New Year’s Eve recipes, because it’s right around the corner.
The eyes were clear, the gills bright redВ  and the skin shinyВ  –В  indicators of a good, fresh fish.

Their vibrant red color comes from the high levels of carotenoid pigments, mostly astaxanthin, coming from shrimp in their natural diet.

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