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The idea of raw diet for dogs has grown in popularity over the past decade, partly influenced by the Australian vet Ian Billinghurst who suggested that dogs will thrive on raw diet which is similar to what wolves, the ancestors of domestic dogs feed on before they were domesticated. Feeding dogs on raw diet is regarded controversial and the reason for this is not farfetched: the opponents of this diet have always based their argument on the fact that there are no scientific researches carried out to justify raw diet for dogs. While pet food purchased off the shelf have only been around for about a hundred years, animals have always hunted their prey and scavenge for millions of years. Because our dogs do not die immediately from nutritional deficiency as a result of feeding on canned food we have managed to deceive ourselves that commercially processed food is good for our dogs. However we have only succeeded in creating generations of weakened dogs that are suffering from degenerative diseases linked to deficiencies in nutritional.
It should be noted that carbohydrates are not essential to the diet of carnivorous and should not be fed with grains that metabolizes to sugar.
It is also well known that meat based protein is far easier to digest by dogs than plant based protein. Because the soil in which food is grown lacks many of the nutrients our dogs need, therefore fatty acids, vitamins and natural sources of trace minerals must be added.
Dog should be feed on species appropriate diet (high in moisture content, low in carbohydrates and unprocessed food).
Knowing how much raw diet to feed your dog is best discovered when you start feed her on raw.
When you transit into feeding your dogs on raw diet, you should observe them closely and try to determine how to feed them based on their bodily response to their new diet. Feeding dogs on raw chicken bones is much safer than cooked chicken bone, which could be a problem for dogs. If your dog tends to swallow food rather than chew, you should personal feed it with the raw diet until she learns how to chew.
Your need to add some vegetable like carrots and spinach and fruits to the raw diet of your dog; you may either grind it up or deliver it wholesale to your dog. As dog owners it is our responsibility not to feed our dogs on only commercial food but to also try out our hands on raw diet for dogs.
Over the past few years there has been an increasing amount of dog owners switching their dogs to a raw dog food diet.
Many dog owners like myself, who have been feeding raw dog food diets have noted many health benefits, some of which are noticeable almost immediately. There are still many dog owners, as well as some veterinarians, who do not feel comfortable with feeding a raw dog food diet. Though these concerns are generally not an issue, there are some unique circumstances that I address in the book, as well as go over the BARF diet and raw feeding in greater detail. When prepared responsibly, a raw diet can be a rewarding feeding option for both you and your pet. While this is true in most cases, ultimately your dog's size, types of meals and eating habits determine how messy of an endeavor feeding raw will be. Keep in mind that there is no one right way to feed a dog and only you and your veterinarian can decide what's best for your pet. The Incredible Raw Food Diet for Dogs - K9 Instinct - Dog Nutritionist in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
A raw food diet is the most pure, wholesome nutrition you can provide your best four-legged friends with.
Hi, We have a 5 year old German Shepherd with severe allergies to house mites and dry storage (food) mites.He's been switched from a mixed tripe diet at an early age at the vets advice to numerous dry food types to help with his condition and it's still ongoing. My GSD has been prescribed Hibiscrub for irritated feet and its not working and not clearing. Paul - I have successfully treated my German Shepherd's dust mite allergies by giving a homeopathic drop made by Professional Formulas called Household Dust & Mold Mix.

Becareful not to feed kibble and raw at the same time due to the fact the kibble can slow down the digestive tract and then thats when bacteria can develope. Well, my GSD has been on a raw food diet for two weeks now and she sits by the kitchen counter now every morning, awaiting her meals!
My first GSD (intact) was fed a raw food diet + Supercoat Adult for Shepherds dry biscuits. One fact that no one argues it that for animals to experience optimal health they must feed on foods that they are designed to eat.
Because dogs are resilient species they have been able to adapt to canned food and have been able to withstand significant nutritional abuse without dying. Dogs feeding on raw diets can achieve a much better overall health compared to dog feed on commercial food. The fundamental fact is that you feed your pet according to her energy level which is fundamentally the same way humans feed. Ian proposed that dogs should be feed with a quantity that is around 2-3 percentage of the body weight of a dog while puppies should feed on 10 percentage or less of their body weight. Less odor and a shiner coat are usually experienced, as well as clean teeth and improved breath if raw bones areВ  included in the diet. Unlike a human's digestive system, a dog's digestive tract is short and is made for digesting raw meat.
It's true that feeding raw will cost more than your regular kibble, and, depending on your dog's size and nutritional needs, it could be a lot more.
You will need to try an elimination diet and feed some more novel proteins, and get on a really good supplement program to improve skin and coat condition. Would like to ask for the name of your vet ( City & State.) My Riley has been to the Holistic wellness center in Carlsbad, and that wasn't mentioned. Through raw diet I figured out he's allergic to birds and grains and possibly the dry storage mites you spoke of.
Therefore vegetarians must feed on vegetation for optimal health and carnivorous must feed on fresh prey for their own optimal health.
Even though canines have evolved for over 50 thousand years on a raw diet, some are resistant to the thought of a raw dog food diet.
Preparing your dog's meals at home and making a week's worth of food at a time will be cheaper than buying premade raw diets that are commercially available. Feeding raw will take longer than just dumping kibble into a bowl if you go the homemade route. Commercial kibble diets and even homemade diets involve cooking the ingredients which inevitably destroys a lot of the nutrients and all of the essential enzymes.
Now on a raw diet of beef and pork along with brown rice veggies and potatoes he had far less issues almost zero. He was given steroid tablets, anti biotics and bath scrub, the bath scrub would help a little for up to approx.
All dogs are different and have different factors to consider, especially if disease is in the picture. Lew Olson writes in Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs, "This is accomplished by the strong hydrochloric acid in the dog's stomach, which can break down harmful bacteria and fully digest animal proteins, bones and fat." From a nutrition standpoint, as long as you're feeding a balanced raw diet under the advisement of your veterinarian and are thorough in washing your pet's bowls after feeding, a raw diet is not dangerous for any of the parties involved. Before making the switch to raw, consult with your dog's veterinarian to work up a feeding plan and a budget to break down the costs.
But if you're pressed for time and still want to feed raw, the easiest way is to feed a premade raw meal option from brands like Primal Pet Foods and Wysong.
The additives and chemicals in many commercial kibble diets also have a negative effect on our pets bodies over time.The benefits of a raw food diet are amazing. This is what an awesome vet new grad friend (whose wedding I attended) offered as an alternative that SHE does at home.

I went through thousands of dollars of shampoos pills and supplements tryin to fight it and when I finaly found the right vet she pointed me to raw diets. They did an allergy test and created an allergy shot for him that I give him every 2 weeks. Feeding your dog a premade raw diet takes less than a minute to measure out (add water if freeze dried) and put in a bowl.
Dogs with medical issues, allergies, skin conditions, digestive disorders and other ailments can find relief and the potential for a complete recovery by switching to a healthy, clean raw food diet. Color pigment in the coat is also enhanced, which for example can make red fur rich and deep.
Now have a happy dog with a gorgeous coat that everyone compliments also at almost 8 years old he is commonly mistaken for a puppy because of his happiness and energy. I swapped them all for a raw diet and Apple Cider Vinegar with the "Mother" and haven't looked back. Raw fed dogs shed less and lose that signature "dog smell" that many pet owners complain about.
Raw fed dogs tend to have little odor due to the overall health of the skin and coat when coupled with eating a clean diet free of chemicals and junk ingredients. I am reading up on the raw food diet and considering switching to that in hopes it will further help his health. With that, we see a revitalized spirit shining through their loving gaze.Another wonderful benefit of feeding raw is dental health.
Dogs that are fed raw have fresher breath, and their teeth are kept clean and white.
Picky is even eating with enjoyment, I used to have to hand feed him kibble, even the "very good ones" ie. A pure protein diet can control what the dog is exposed to while dramatically lowering the chances of being exposed to the allergens. Digestive issues such as EPI, IBD and digestive imbalances can be helped drastically by the change to a raw food diet.
Many medical conditions can see an improvement when the afflicted dog is switched off of an over-processed commercial kibble diet and given the chance to detoxify on a raw food diet. While it may not eliminate the condition entirely, it will surely help strengthen the body and may reduce the severity of symptoms or even ease some symptoms entirely.Feeding your dog a raw food diet is easier than you may think and isn't as time-consuming as it seems.
It is also very possible and actually quite common to spend less money on a raw food diet per month than what you would spend feeding bags of commercial kibble. You can read some other fantastic frequently asked questions about raw feeding here!When all is said and done, raw feeding for dogs is the very best diet choice for all dogs regardless of age, breed, size, medical issues and other ailments. A diet of raw meat, raw bone (never cooked!) and raw organ is exactly what dogs were biologically designed to eat. If you have a dog that isn't healthy and is riddled with problems, switching your dog to raw could change their life forever. You can learn everything you need to know to be a successful raw feeder with my eBook: A Guide to Raw Feeding. Whether you are interested in starting a raw food diet with your dogs, want to learn more, or need to ensure you are feeding this diet correctly; This eBook is the perfect companion for anyone interested in a raw food diet for dogs!

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