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The bar brothers are a training group started by the brothers Dusan Lazar Novovic Djolevic and that created a different kind and innovative training routine based on the bar. The characteristics of training of the bar brothers are efficient , fun and free to keep our body fit.
The bar brothers have achieved all this and simply using fixed bars and utensils parks that anyone can access them without having to spend money.
To continue to learn a little more routine entrainment of bar brothers I invite you to read these article.

Briefly the Street Workout exercise is using the environment, playing sports in the street, using lampposts or bars of parks to make pull bar exercises.
No pain, no gain, and is something that bar brothers into account because as we see in many of his videos, the suffering and pain accompanying every day.
The Bartendaz group gave a twist to the currency promoting this type of exercise as one of the healthiest sports and the Bar Brothers make this real, with a good change of your body in less than 1 year. Besides all the exercises discussed on this page can aerobic series, continuous per example you can run for 15-30 minutes before training on the bar.

Thanks to Bar Brothers I have my next 6 months of training all lined out and that didn’t cost me a single cent.
I'm here to help you get the body you wantВ and to make sure you get the best possible results out of your Bar Brother training.

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