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Ever since I got this recipe from Blogilates a couple weeks ago, I’ve been making them like crazy! Photo via need-to-be-fit-for-lifeI also started the Blogilates Fit Journal on January 19th to help me to reach my goals! I haven’t managed to make average sized pancakes, because they break up when you flip them. However I can’t seem to stomach well the taste of cooked bananas, it makes me feel ill. Came out suuuper good, and no mush, no problems flipping at all (just like cooking any regular ol’ pancake!) and my sister who isn’t into the eating healthy thing tried it and said it was good! I have tried these pancakes twice and had the same problems:( taste is good but mushy and cannot get them to flip so i have mush on my plate too, mine look NOTHING like yours:(!

Hey Cassey, I tried making your blueberry protein pancakes and they turned to mush in the pan:( I used the same recipe minus flax seed. Just for future reference though, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, when heated to a high temperature in a pan, such as when making pancakes, causes the protein structure to change and that good, olive-y fat becomes a saturated fat! Bonito mes para empezar cosas nuevas como el nuevo calendario de ejercicios de Blogilates que podemos ver en YouTube y hacerlos dГ­a con dГ­a para sentirnos bien. I’ve also got a great 3 ingredient pancake recipe on my healthy eating blog with a tutorial too!
The trick is definitely mashing the banana well and whipping up those egg whites (I did egg white and egg combined) and as Cassy said, mixing ingredients well. I made the banana protein pancakes and they came out perfect but this recipe turned into utter mush.

I just do two teaspoons per pancake, otherwise I can’t turn them without destroying them!
Some brands I’ve tried tasted chalky and I really would love to make these delicious pancakes!

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