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This lays out the days offerings for a 2,200 cal day based on lean meats, seafood, veggies, fruit and nuts. 2-The Agriculturalists showed significantly higher infant mortality AND early childhood death with the adoption of a grain, legume based diet. Robb WolfRobb Wolf, author of The Paleo Solution, is a former research biochemist and one of the world’s leading experts in Paleolithic nutrition. I convinced my husband to go Paleo in September but hesitated with the kids till October of last year. By the way, I pulled out CRON-O-Meter and played around with the diet studied in the second paper. I know the diet is from a hypothetical paleolithic diet, and so is based partly on food availability rather than optimal nutrition.

By all means, supplement as you like, but the logic is flawed to look to people who consume the vast majority of their calories from grains for insight on what to do in this situation. Now, this is getting persnickety on my part, but you guys are looking for the full accounting, so here we go!
Kids brains need both long chain essential fats and this meal plan provides FAR more than what is possible with grains, legumes and dairy. Nuts & seeds DO pose some GI problems for some, hence our suggestion to use items like coconut oil and avocado.
Make sure they get all the building blocks for brain development, bones, strong immune function etc.
If I had a nickel for every hand-wringing dietitian and MD who couldВ notВ figure out how to get fiber without bran-muffins and oatmeal.

After I started working at CrossFit I researched and read all I could on The Paleo diet and tried it immediately with fantastic results. ThisВ isВ the concernВ surroundingВ paleo-kids on the part of parents, dietitians and physicians: Without grains, legumes and diary our children will be horribly stunted and unhealthy.
Now, If you REALLY want to get geeky on this you need to consider Optimum Foraging Strategy.

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