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Elizabeth has a history of eating disorders, and the veneer restorations and composites dissolved due to the high acid caused by her bulimic habits. Using baking soda to brush teeth has its benefits like natural teeth whitening and teeth stain removing benefits, for example.
Once you’ve loaded your brush with baking soda paste begin to brush your molars and finish up with your front teeth (not forgetting to brush the back of your teeth). It’s generally not good to brush too hard but it’s really inadvisable to brush hard or carelessly when brushing your teeth using baking soda as baking soda can take your enamel off if you aren’t careful. Brushing with baking soda can be used to great effect if you have light staining on the teeth. Since it has abrasive properties it is really important to know how to brush your teeth using baking soda in order to avoid accidental dental damage or erosion.
If you would like to try cleaning or whitening your teeth with baking soda, read the following steps and tips on ‘how to brush your teeth using baking soda’.
When you brush your teeth using baking soda, you have to make sure you rinse your mouth out properly until your teeth lose that gritty feel (baking soda feels a little gritty) as you do not want to have your teeth soaking in remnants of baking soda paste. In fact it is best to use baking soda for whitening or cleaning your teeth only when you’re in a hurry to whiten your teeth or don’t want to spend money on getting it professionally cleaned.

You will only need to use a very small amount of this mixture to brush your teeth (a little baking soda goes a long way). You can give your mouth a final rinse with a mild mouthwash if you dislike the taste of baking soda.
While many people believe that they can use baking soda once or twice a week or as a replacement for fluoride or herbal toothpaste, it is really not advisable to use baking soda more than once or twice a year.
It is also recommended that you do not brush your teeth using baking soda if you have very sensitive teeth and gums and if you use braces or retainers. In addition, eating disorders may also play a role, especially in sports such as boxing, horse riding, gymnastics and long distance running. She also tells you that she is currently back in counseling and believes that she is making progress.Eating disorders may be categorized as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and eating disorders not otherwise specified. Other dysfunctional eating disorders have become recognized in society as well and continue to be on the increase. Often, temporary procedures are performed until therapy is conducted and the dysfunctional practices are managed.Astute clinicians should always be alert to the fact that eating disorders may recur. Being cognizant of not only newly detected cases related to eating disorders, but cases that recur in already diagnosed patients should be monitored.Promoting acceptable, customized ways to assist the patient with eating disorders from further enamel damage is a required and necessary part of our role as an oral health-care provider.

Encouraging the patient to use the trays for five minutes daily while taking a shower provides some structure and timing.Following vomiting, rinsing with a mixture of 1 teaspoon baking soda mixed with 8 ounces of water will neutralize the hydrochloric stomach acids that damage the teeth. Rinsing with plain water is optimal when baking soda is not available to minimize the oral acidity.Brushing after vomiting will remove softened enamel and should not be conducted for at least an hour or more. Effective communication is crucial since patients with bulimia are not readily open to discussing their disorders.
A practice that respects confidentiality and is viewed as crucial by all the staff members is especially important in developing trust with all patients.Hague (2010) suggests that patients at risk such as adolescents, female athletes, and young women with diabetes be screened for eating disorders as suggested by the American Pediatric Association.
Hague points out that the oral health-care provider is usually the first person that is in a position to detect the oral changes that occur as a result of disordered eating practices.Therefore, dental professionals can be instrumental in referring the patient to a psychologist, psychiatrist, licensed clinical social worker, or a licensed professional counselor.

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