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Potatoes are grown world-wide and the crop is usually considered to be the fourth most important staple food source after wheat, rice, and corn.
In addition to early blackleg, the disease may also develop later during the potato growing season. There are two ways by which the blackleg bacterium may reach the progeny tubers produced on the potato plant.
In a poorly managed potato storage environment, blackleg bacteria present on the surface of tubers can cause extensive decay (Figure 7).
Once decay of potato tubers is incited by the blackleg bacterium, growth of secondary bacteria often contributes to the decay process and certainly modifies symptomatology of the disease. There was a time when almost all potato tubers were contaminated with the blackleg bacterium.
The different manifestations of potato blackleg as a disease of potato plants, seed piece decay, and storage rot all contribute to economic losses.
Peak season: Look for new potatoes (potatoes harvested before reaching full maturity) in the spring and freshly dug mature potatoes in the fall and early winter. Rich in carbohydrate, vitamin C and potassium, the potato often gets a bad rap because it is a high-glycemic food.
Waxy potatoes, like red skins and fingerlings, have moist, dense flesh and keep their shape when cooked, so choose them for salads and soups.
Mealy potatoes (also called baking or floury potatoes), such as russets, have drier, starchier flesh, perfect for baking and mashing.
All-purpose potatoes, like white and Yukon Gold potatoes, are in between the other two kinds, so they function well in most recipes. If potatoes begin to sprout during storage but are still firm, remove the sprouts and any eyes that are beginning to sprout before eating. Never mind the bad lighting, as these were taken in the wee hours of the morning in my kitchen (the perfect time and place for 4th meal).

Removal of decayed potatoes before they spread their contents over grading lines and bin pilers avoids spreading the bacterium to other tubers.
Although the disease is now considered to be of minor importance in some potato growing regions, it continues to be a major production factor in others. The Spanish Conquistadors must have seen value in this humble tuber when they first carried the potato to Europe from its home in South America in the sixteenth century. However, the potato offers some fiber, especially when eaten with the skin on, and has a place in a healthful eating plan. Store them in a cool, dark place with good air circulation, to discourage softening, sprouting and spoiling. Tubers with blackleg disease generally first become decayed at the stolon attachment site where the tuber tissue becomes blackened and soft (Figure 5). Bacterial soft rot is characterized by total maceration of tuber tissue and seepage of a putrid, dark-colored liquid. These subspecies can cause decay of potato tuber slices but do not cause the blackleg disease. The use of healthy tissue culture plantlets to initiate seed potato stocks has broken the cycle of carrying tuber contamination forward from year to year.
Wound healing is important in the early phase of potato storage to prevent development and spread of rots. Blackleg risk potential of seed potatoes determined by quantification of tuber contamination by the causal agent of Erwinia carotovora subsp.
From there, the potato traveled across the globe and became a staple crop in many cultures, including Ireland, Russia and even the Nepalese Himalayas and Rwanda in Africa. If this Ebola does not end soon, many more girls will get pregnant before schools reopen and that will be too bad for the future of children in this country. Potato tubers are not only harvested as a food source for fresh market and processed products, but are also used for planting a new crop.

During storage, however, the potatoes should be kept at a low temperature with adequate aeration to provide a dry environment and to prevent condensation of moisture on tuber surfaces. Sequencing of the genome of the blackleg bacterium is underway and is expected to reveal even more about its ability to cause disease in potato and the mechanisms by which it does so. During the Alaskan Klondike gold rush in the late nineteenth century, gold was traded for potatoes because of their high vitamin C content; in Tristan de Cunha, a remote island in the south Atlantic, potatoes were once the unofficial currency.
Small, long, flavorful potatoes called fingerlings make an elegant side when simply steamed and tossed with fresh herbs.
Seed potatoes only differ from eating and processing potatoes in that they are produced as a highly regulated crop to keep them free of potential pathogens and pests. However, after the entire stem becomes diseased, it decays, becomes desiccated, and is often lost from view in the potato canopy. Hence the incidence of blackleg is significantly lower than it was before the incorporation of tissue culture into seed potato production programs.
Preliminary results suggest that the atroseptica subspecies does not occur on potato where the newly-described subspecies, tentatively named brasiliensis, occurs.
The bacterium that causes the blackleg disease of potato is one of the pathogens that is tuber-borne. The risk of exposing new seed stocks to inoculum will depend on specific agronomic practices and the ability of the bacterium to persist outside of potatoes in the prevailing climatic conditions of the different geographic locations.

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