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Every once in a while — less often than a few years ago — you’ll open a bag of potato chips and see one which isn’t like the others. That said, on occasion, a green-tinted potato may find its way into a potato chip factory and, eventually, a slice thereof may sneak into a bag of chips.
Solanine is not just bad for insects, in large enough amounts, it is really bad for you — it can cause “vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, and even paralysis of the central nervous system,” per Snopes.  In the most extreme case, it can even cause death.
On the other hand, don’t eat the green sprouts or leaves from the potatoes themselves, as they have very high levels of solanine. As the Straight Dope recounted – a story which is likely apocryphal, but regardless, demonstrative — “during World War II some refugees broke into an abandoned house and found a quantity of old sprouted potatoes in the basement.
One of my high school teachers once told a story of how, when he was in college, he lived near a potato chip factory. The Lenape potato, developed in the 1960s for the snack business, made a damn fine potato chip.
In the late 1960s, researchers from the US Department of Agriculture, Penn State University, and the Wise Potato Chip Company teamed up breed a very special potato, which they named the Lenape. Despite an almost boring reputation as the squishy white bread of the plant kingdom, potatoes actually come from somewhat nasty roots. In 2004, a National Academies panel on the unintended health effects of genetic engineering reported that conventional potato breeders continue to try to increase the amount of solanine produced by the leaves and vines of their potato plants in hopes of making those plants more naturally pest-resistant. Speaking of potatoes… a few years back the Executive Director of the Washington State Potatoes Commision was upset at all the bad press potatoes were being given. I can’t tell if the Lenape potato is full of poisons or if they are just in the skin. We peel potatoes because that is how they are eaten in cultures that subsist mainly on them. Meanwhile, it apparently only takes only two seasons and one generation to breed genetically stable new potatoes, so for the small farm or home garden, as opposed to the big potato breeder, this seems like a viable way to go.
I found several on my red potatoes this year, just a grocery store bought variety that went to sprout.
So that’s what they are I had them on some of my potatoes last year for the first time and this year again.
I had a lot of potato fruit this year too!В  I just assumed it was related to a couple of the varieties (chieftan and norland for me).В  Interesting that it can be weather related. DO NOT GRAFT TOMATO TO POTATO BECAUSE THE ALKLOID POISON TRANSFERS AND YOU WILL GET SICK IF NOT DEAD!

By the way, potato fruits should not be eaten as they contain large amounts of solanine, the toxin that all members of the nightshade family produce. I am just an amateur gardener in Aberdeenshire Scotland, and was late in digging up my potatoes. I would like to have some of the potatofruits, this in order to find out if they would grow under dutch circumstances,climate e.g. Well, just looked this subject up as my Potato plants have fruits this year, here in the midde of France. I intend treating them like I do with tomato seeds which I collect most years, namely collect them when the fruit is ripe and then next Spring get them to germinate on the window sill before moving them on.В  From reading this website I am expecting that the first year I will get only small potatoes suitable for using as seed potatoes the next year. Generally what I have been told is the seed fruit when planted, may not grow as the seed potato you planted in the spring, but might return to either parent potato.
This year, I grew the potatoes from the fruit tomato, along with potato seed same variety from another source, and have potato seed balls on all plants. We planted potatoes for te first time this year, in the north west of England,В and now have a number of fruit onВ  several of the plants.
Hi David,В  Wait until the potatoes die back and the plants and fallen, then take the seed balls.
I get these potatoe fruit on just about all my plants ever year, and then have to go round almost daily to pick them off before the young children who play on the site start picking them to eat. Remember after the potato plantВ  dies down,В  pick the fruit wait a few days, and then press out the seeds of the fruit on white dish, you can see the brownish seeds.
This year I planted Blue Russian for the first time and they too have produced fruit balls, very interesting year.В  Of course we also have a large potato bug outbreak this year, picking them off twice a day. Thanks to all that have posted ~ great info~ В I have some fruit on my potatoes~ and tried harvesting~ no seeds inside. Hi, I have for the 1st time in my life (I’m 58) grown potatoes, they have produced many green balls which I now know (thanks to you) that they are seeds.
Doing it right isn’t just about your skill as a cook, but also your partner, the potato itself.
All potatoes have it, and it’s a feature, not a bug — at least as far as the potato is concerned. In 1974, after Lenape potatoes had been recalled from agricultural production and relegated to the status of “breeding material”, the USDA published results of an experiment where they grew Lenape, and five other potato varieties, at 39 locations around the country.

The average Russet potato, for instance, contained about 8 mg of solanine for every 100 g of potato. Because of that, the USDA actually has a recommended limit for solanine content of new potato varieties — but that limit isn’t strictly enforced. Because the crucial information you failed to provide is that this potato was absolutely inedible.
Potato breeders plant out thousands of seeds, check out the results, then keep replanting the most desirable potatoes for many years or so to get new commercial varieties—apparently, this is the way new potatoes are bred. A medium-sized potato yields about 36 chips, per the video linked to above; it’s safe to say that if you ate 360-720 potato chips in a day, you’re going to get somewhat sick, even if the chips aren’t of the green variety. And if you leave potatoes exposed to the sun for too long after harvest, they start reacting as though they just got accidentally uncovered.
They carefully monitored growing and harvesting conditions and then compared the solanine content of all the potatoes. There’s this idea that GM plants are uniquely at risk of producing unexpected side effects, and that we have no way of knowing what those effects would be until average consumers start getting sick, Gould told me. What matters for chipping quality in potatoes is having the sugars bound up in starch chains rather than existing as free sugars which will turn brown when you fry them in hot oil.
And, of course, unless you purposefully made them yourself, you’re not going to encounter that many green potato chips perhaps even in your lifetime, let alone in a single day. For this reason, PEI potatoes sold as seed are required to have a documented maximum number of clone years. Think of potato blight, the fungus-like disease partly responsible for the Irish Famine of the 19th century.
A friend of mine did her graduate thesis work on potato chipping quality, and next to the elevator in my building there is a poster with white and brown potato chips in little baggies that illustrate that difference.
One of the reasons Lenape potatoes are so infamous, I later found out, is that they played a big role in shaping how the USDA treats and tests new varieties of conventionally bred food plants today. How your body breaks down starches and sugars does not matter for how the potato chip behaves when you fry it.

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