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One of the major problems that you might go through where body care is concerned is that of bad body odor. Here, this body care guide lists the 8 topmost solutions and natural remedies that you can follow without a second thought. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water will flush out the toxins and impurities from the body and control excessive sweating that can result into body odor. A diet full of fruits, vegetables, protein and vitamins will make sure that the body is healthy and functions properly. Smoking can also cause body odor by affecting the regulation of the body as well as the smell sticking of the cigarettes sticking to the body. If you don’t find any positive changes with the above tips, then the last tip and resort is to consult a doctor about why you are suffering from such high levels of body odor. Plus, body odor is usually associated with personal hygiene, so having body odor problem can make people think badly about you.
Some people feel deodorant is enough to reduce body odor problem; others may sweat so much that deodorant does not work as well as in people with normal sweat production. If your body odor problem is quite severe, applying apple cider vinegar and deodorant may not be enough. Reduce the consumption of spicy food, onion, fatty food and caffeine, which are the main triggers of food related body odor problems. If you suddenly experience body odor and you never experience it before, maybe it is a sign of disease.

Deodorant is usually the simplest solution to solve the problem, but sometimes it is not enough. It is always better to adhere to some natural treatments that will prevent body odor on a regular basis and make you live a free life. Since the odor is caused by bacteria that feed on your accumulated sweat, you must turn your armpits into places where bacteria cannot live in.
Therefore, not only you prevent the perspiration problem, but you also keep bacteria from leaving in your armpits and causing body odor after a while. Apple cider vinegar is a great natural solution for body odor, but you must make sure that you also do other means necessary to get rid of the sources of odor. From various social problems that come from appearance, body odor is one of the most problematic ones.
Many people have really bad odor problem that even using deodorant every day cannot solve it. Naturally, it is caused by the work of bacteria combined with sweat (this is why areas like armpits, crotches and the inside of your shoes emanate the worst odor). Many people suffer from body odor because of metabolism problem, such as trimethylaminuria, a condition in which the body cannot naturally break down a chemical compound called trimethylamine. They are foods that can boost the production of trimethylamine, reducing the body’s ability to properly break it down.
Try these natural methods to get rid of body odor every day, and see how your problem reduced after several weeks.

From various harmless physical conditions that really affect our daily life, body odor is among the worst ones. You may want to try natural solutions that work right to the source, such as apple cider vinegar.
For those who have really bad body odor problem or always sweat excessively, you can use this ingredients as daily treatment by applying it often on the underarm skin. No matter how beautiful your face or how cool your getup is, people will have immediate bad impression if you have body odor. However, there are also people who suffer from odor problem because of hormonal changes, such as during teenage years, or when menstruating. Unlike what commercials tell you, regular soap can do the job as good as anti bacterial soap, as long as you clean the body well.
There are also people who got bad odor from bad diet or consuming certain antibiotics that have bad odor as side effects. Use body scrub once a week and scrub areas such as armpits, behind your knees, feet and under your thighs well.

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