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Along those same lines, but without the leafy taste, Coca-Cola Light Plus is a version of Coke that is infused with vitamins and antioxidants.
As far as we can tell, this flavor of Coke is only available in the new and randomly placed in limited supply Coke Freestyle machines.
Another flavor of Coca-Cola you’ll only be able to get out of a Freestyle machine if you’re in the US is Orange Coke.
There can’t be a list of unsuccessful and strange Coke flavors without mentioning New Coke, one of the biggest product and marketing disasters of all time. The only time I want some guy smelling like he may have lathered up with a bar of bacon, is if he just made me a Homemade bacon McGriddle. It has a Myspace page, a Facebook page, and numerous article posts showing its Bacon and Coke glory.
John Pemberton concocted the original mixture that would become the Coca-Cola beverage we all know over a fire in the backyard of his Atlanta home on March 29th, 1886. Apparently it’s for those moments when you really want a soda, but feel like you should actually be having a healthy beverage that contains vitamins and nutritional value. In 2007, after Lime Coke and Lemon Coke were released, Coca-Cola wanted to tap the citrus market again, this time with orange.

But Coke Blak is a little something different, and a little something not available in the US.
To compete with Pepsi, Coca-Cola changed their recipe the match Pepsi’s sweeter flavor and then alienated their loyal fan base by completely invalidating their choice to drink Coke in the first place. It's called eating a bacon cheeseburger in your car on a weekly basis and never throwing out the wrappers.
Like it would give you the feeling that you have bacon stuck in your teeth, without that glorious moment of an extra crumble of real bacon breaking free for you to savor. This doesn’t exactly count as a strange flavor of Coke, because we aren’t really sure you can taste the vitamins.
There was massive backlash, so Coca-Cola quickly put the beverage we knew and loved back on the shelves as Coke Classic and then pulled New Coke altogether several years later. I'd rather just send an e-mail and use the time I would've spent composing a hand-written note, В experimenting by wrapping various food things in bacon. This ranks high on the list of 'Great Bacon Disappointments Of All Time', right up there with realizing someone has tried to pass off veggie bacon as the real thing. If you were wondering about the photoshop, you can clearly see where the artist got their idea for the Diet Coke with Bacon.

Which is why this flavor of Coke was unleashed on the unsuspecting citizens of Japan in 2009.
So, if you’re in Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Slovakia or Spain and feeling a bit sluggish, you may want to pop into the corner store and get yourself a Coke Blak. There’s a theory that Diet Coke with Bacon was tested as a new flavor but was never released to the public. There are so many flavors in this Coke that Coca-Cola can’t even come up with a broader description of the tastes. Coke discontinued the beverage, but it has achieved something of a cult following on the Web.

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    Substitute for almond flour vitamin E, copper, manganese.
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    Seeds are loaded with protein, fiber flour.
    Flour can be used as a substitute almond flour in many baked manganese, selenium, various.