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Whether you are an experienced camper or a novice, backpacking recipes are necessary for those times when you will be camping in primitive conditions. While camping may allow you to bring a cooler full of ice for the weekend to keep your food cold, a backpacking trip will not. Some Simple Backpacking RecipesWhen you are looking at recipes, consider where you will be backpacking and the season involved. Many backpacking and hiking recipes consist of less expensive, basic foods that can be found at most grocery stores, such as dried milk, rice, or pasta.

Its Backpacking Kit, filled with 18 packs of diced vegetables, is "a foundation," she says. Many specialty items can be found at online stores such as Wilderness Dining and Packit Gourmet.Wild Backpacker has collected recipes from One Pan Wonders, Backpacker Magazine, and other outdoor food websites to bring together the best quality of recipes for you. If you plan on hiking often, investing in a dehydrator and other equipment for preparing your backpacking recipes would be a good idea.Take the time to plan your menu carefully to meet all of your nutritional needs. They keep replenishing for days and days." Dried herbs and spices are ideal for camping, and condiments such as olive oil (in a leakproof bottle) and packets of ketchup, mustard, soy or hot sauce, salad dressing, and even peanut butter or cream cheese are also good.

Wild Backpacker would love to share it!Submit your backpacking recipe or contact us with your idea of what backpacking-specific content you could contribute to the Wild Backpacker community.

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