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Introduce new foods one at a time, with at least three days in between to make sure your baby's not allergic.
Use this guide to find out what and how much to feed your baby at every stage of development from birth to 12 months. Get inspired with this roundup of easy-peasy homemade baby food recipes, full of delicious ideas for babies from 6 to 12 months. Find out which foods are choking hazards for babies and which ones aren't safe for a baby's still-developing digestive system.
Finger foods help your little munchkin develop new skills and explore through new tastes and textures. You'll probably be able to tell when she's ready for more when you find her reaching for the spoon at feeding time and trying to swipe food off your plate.

Until she gets good at feeding herself though, get ready to take plenty of pictures of her adorable food-covered face and be prepared for lots of floor scrub-a-thons.Safety FirstYour munchkin's watching you make lunch and crawls or slides her way over to you to bribe a sample from you with one of her beautiful smiles.
It's tempting to hand it over, but remember that giving your kiddo food while she's on the go increases the risk of choking. She's busy, shoves the food in, and it gets lodged at the back of her throat because she's not focused on chewing (or gumming) properly.Melanie Potock, a certified pediatric speech language pathologist and feeding specialist in Longmont, Colorado, cautions that "choking most often has no sound because the airway is blocked. As she grows into a toddler, you'll be able to give her bite-size pieces of whatever you're eating.Remember that your baby's learning about food's texture, color, and aroma as she feeds herself, so try to offer her a variety. Resist the temptation to give your baby sweets like cookies and cake or high-fat snacks like cheese puffs and chips. Wherever you may be eating with your child, be sure to be face-to-face with him and pay close attention to how well your child is managing the food."Potock recommends that parents "learn the signs of choking and how to respond.

However, it's probably not a good idea to hand over the spoon just yet -- you may just end up with more food on her tray and in her hair than in her mouth.However, she can now handle a variety of foods safely.
Experts used to say you shouldn't give very young children eggs, fish, or peanut products because the child might develop a food allergy. But the latest research from the American Academy of Pediatrics found there's no evidence that babies develop allergies from the early introduction of these foods.

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