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Our autoimmune shopping list includes appropriate animal protein sources, vegetables and fruits, and healthy fats for your Whole30, but excludes foods off-limits for our general Whole30 program, and those specific to our autoimmune protocol. For those who know or suspect they have a sensitivity to FODMAPs, crafting a healthy Paleo diet or Whole30 program can be tricky. Our low-FODMAP shopping list rules out those items normally off-limits for your Whole30 (like milk and beans), and those specifically excluded for their higher FODMAP content.
If you are one of the 1% of people with a histamine intolerance, your best recourse is to follow a Paleo + low-histamine diet. Grant, if you’ve experienced symptoms that make you believe you have a histamine intolerance, then give our list a try and see if that helps! Another item that should be approached with caution on your list is Kale, Kale is very similar to spinach and last night I had Kale for the first time and my reaction to it was much worse than spinach. Freshly juiced vegetables and fruit: Some people juice to get extra nutrients into their diet. I’ve written a series of articles to guide you through the autoimmune protocol, step by step. Photo Credit goes to Megan Thackeray, who graciously let me use her fun shopping cart photo for this article. At the end of the grocery list, you’ll see links to all the articles in the AIP series.

Hi, I too have MCD and am on cyclosporine, I am just starting the paleo diet in hope that I can help my issue, my dad and aunty both died of MND so autoimmune issues through my family. Even reputable sources report conflicting information on what foods are safe for those on a low-FODMAP diet. However the histamine list does need a second look, spinach and avocado are some of the highest-histamine foods. We do caution against vinegar in the small print at the bottom of the list, and soy in all forms is a food we recommend everyone avoid. I respect your animal protein limitations, but you can’t eliminate most animal proteins and then try to do an autoimmune Whole30. Juicing is only recommended in moderation on the AIP – meaning one cup a day is fine as a way to get some extra veggies in, but one of the keys to healing autoimmunity is healing digestion, and juicing bypasses digestion. It’s about an autoimmune condition called Hidradenitis suppurativa, whose symptom is skin lesions in the form of boils.
So today, in preparation for our next official Whole30 starting August 1st, we’ve created some special It Starts With FoodВ Paleo andВ Whole30 shopping lists for those of you with an autoimmune condition, histamine intolerance, or who are on a low-FODMAP diet. We’ve crafted our list based on two of the most highly respected FODMAP programs in the world, but you should still practice awareness during your Whole30. Pay special attention to the notes at the bottom of the list, as some specific types of foods (such as cured or smoked meats, canned foods like salmon or tuna, and fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha) should also be avoided.

I am assuming your protocol frowns on soda, diet or regular, but I just haven’t been able to find the topic of non-alcoholic beverages in the book. We started a wheat, dairy, sugar and preservative free diet over 2 years ago, and although she is 100% healthier and her immune system is working better, she still has flare ups of these horrendous, nasty boils. Nuts and seeds are part of the autoimmune protocol, which means you eliminate them for 30 days, and then reintroduce 1 at a time, to test for tolerance. It’s more important to slowly, steadily, tone down the inflammation in your body longterm through a nutrient-dense, healing diet.
Then, you can make a decision as to whether to include those foods as part of your everyday diet.
However, as some have reported reactions with avocado (and the list you referenced does say there is potential), I’ve also added that in the footnote. Check out my introductory article to the AIP for a list of all the potential troubleshooting steps.

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