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During these unsuccessful attempts, I dove headfirst into an intense elimination diet that deserves much more time and attention than I was giving it.
Jackson’s Honest Organic Sweet Potato Chips, Palm Oil Roasted Plantain Chips, andВ Toasted Coconut ChipsВ are great pantry options, andВ I always try to haveВ olives, crudites, and even avocados on hand for savory, fresh, fatty snacks. The autoimmune protocol recommends complying 100% to the protocol for 6-8 weeks before beginning the reintroduction phase.

It is so important to understand why this protocol has worked to put so many autoimmune sufferers into remission, because it provides assurance that the journey is worth it. You’ll already have planned out and shopped for a weeks worth of AIP friendly meals and snacks, the least you can do it stick it out for that long!
Instagram is full of autoimmune protocol hashtags, and many of the ‘grammers have dedicated websites detailing their trials with the protocol.

Each time I started the diet, I would cave within the first couple days as the thought of complying 100% for up to two months was just too overwhelming.

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