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Those with autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, celiac disease, and rheumatoid arthritis are finding freedom from their symptoms via an autoimmune Paleo diet protocol (AIP).
To introduce you to the Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, we sat down with personal chef and author Mickey Trescott, to answer your most common questions about adopting an autoimmune paleo protocol. I discovered Paleo after being diagnosed with both Celiac and Hashimoto’s disease, and not finding any success in conventional treatment. There are currently very few resources devoted to recipes for the strictest phase of the AIP.
I was able to reintroduce nuts, seeds and egg yolks back into my diet, all pretty quickly after my original elimination phase. Mickey has created a special 20-pageВ preview of the Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook just for Whole9 readers. Check out her table of contents, shopping lists, and a taste of her AIP recipes, and follow the links at the end of the document to purchase your copy* of the Autoimmune Paleo CookbookВ for just $17. Hi, I’m reading through the autoimmune protocol and I have some questions about certain foods.
Do you find folks with children are having much luck with your recipes, my girl is so picky, but we really believe this may be the best option to begin to heal her.
The 30-Day Reset autoimmune diet made a drastic difference in my health and my autoimmune symptoms.

If you have your own recipes and want to check to see if they are autoimmune diet recipe friendly, you can download this PDF food list guide. The best thing to do would be to use the scale and cross-reference it with other reliable sources to grant the best perspective on what should and should not be in your anti-inflammatory diet. However, the recipes listed in this article do not accommodate a typical anti-inflammatory diet. Im a little distraught by the recipes you provide, I understand the purpose and am very interested in trying them but as culinary chef, I am troubled you don’t provide potential replacements or more helpful tips with your recipes. You don’t need to have the mentality of having an autoimmune disease to work on these issues and get better. It was such a life-changing and empowering experience for me, and I wanted to put all of my tips, tricks, and recipes together in a book for others to use. Most paleo cookbooks are useless to me as every single recipes contains either eggs, nuts, or nightshades!!!!
You can decide for yourself based on the recipes presented whether the purchase would be worth it, given your protein options.
Even though I was already eating a healthy, real food diet, removing other potential inflammatory foods helped me identify foods that were problematic for me personally and made a big difference in my health. To help make it easier for you than it was for me, I’ve created a list of autoimmune friendly recipes below (some with modifications in parenthesis).

Mickey has crafted 110 recipesВ without grains, legumes, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, nightshades, or nightshade spices.
In addition to being a recipe and guide for the protocol, I wanted it to be visually inspiring and highlight all of the incredible food a person can still enjoy while eating this way. The only thing that makes an Autoimmune Protocol breakfast different from any other meal, is that it needs to be prepared more quickly than others, making planning extremely important.
A reaction can be anything ranging from mood changes, digestive changes, skin reactions, to simply the return of your autoimmune symptoms.
I increase the garlic and ginger in a lot of recipes that would usually have nightshades to give them more bite.
The recipes are inspired, delicious, and best of all, 101* of these recipes are appropriate for your AIP Whole30 program. While the initial elimination diet may only last a month, it might take another full month or more to go through reintroductions, slowly and systematically.
That always causes a pretty bad autoimmune reaction, so I will be avoiding them for the long term, along with dairy, which I have always had a severe reaction to.

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