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For many years I suspected that I had some form of thyroid problem based on my own research and symptoms like dry skin, occasional fatigue, trouble losing weight after having a baby, and hair thinning, but I was never able to get answers from conventional tests which showed that my T3 and T4 thyroid hormones were in the normal range.
It turns out that many different disorders and diseases are autoimmune in nature but they manifest in different ways. Genetic predisposition to autoimmunity makes up about one third of your risk of developing an autoimmune disease.
From my understanding, once the body has an autoimmune reaction, it can sometimes be necessary to remove a wide variety of potentially inflammatory foods for a short time and then reintroduce to test the response.
Since the body is in a state of heightened immune response, removing these foods can help it get back into a state of balance and reduce the autoimmune reaction. I switched to an autoimmune protocol diet after being diagnosed with Hashimotos in hopes of giving my immune system a little time to recover. The general idea of the autoimmune diet is that you are removing any potentially inflammatory foods, but the specifics are a bit more difficult. I’ll also be posting more autoimmune friendly recipes and meal plans soon, but those are great resources for getting started.

Diet is hugely important for all aspects of health, and for me, it became even more important after being diagnosed with autoimmune disease, but it is by no means the only factor. If you’ve ever struggled with autoimmune issues, take 30 days and give this a try to see if it helps you!
The other two thirds of your risk come from environmental factors, which include: diet, lifestyle, infections (both prior and persistent) exposure to toxins, hormones, weight, etc. The idea is similar to the theory behind the GAPS protocol but geared toward addressing autoimmune issues instead. Sleep and stress are both huge factors in overall health and are especially important for those with any kind of health condition.
When I first started, it seemed like I couldn’t eat anything and I was depriving myself of everything, but it is important to remember that many times the body is deficient in certain nutrients because of an autoimmune disease so during the course of the 30-day reset, I focused on extensively nourishing my body with as many high quality proteins, vegetables and healthy fats as I could consume. Also a tough one for me, but stress can have as much of an impact as diet on gut health and hormone levels. I have celiac disease and am gluten free but I usually have coffee so that peaked my curiosity. While you cannot control your genetics or whether or not you had mono as a kid, you do have an immense amount of control over your diet and lifestyle (and the extent that these affect hormones and weight and even toxin exposure).

Within the first week, I saw my bloating go away, my thyroid nodule felt noticeably smaller, I had more energy (after the first couple of days), and my skin improved. I found that even with a good diet, I started to notice symptoms creeping back in while under the stress of finishing my book. I personally take: WP-Throid thyroid medication (under the care of my doctor), Betaine HCL with protein meals, 5-MTHF and Methyl-B12, Folate, Probiotics, Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Cortisol support, Omega-3s, Vitamin D (and sunshine daily in the morning), Magnesium, L-glutamine, Gelatin, and Vitamin C. I took an ALCAT food sensitivity test and I am positive for MTFHR gene and my top severe foods are salmon and chicken which what I was trying to eat for the autoimmune protocall. By removing the foods that contribute to a leaky gut, gut dysbiosis (the wrong numbers, relative quantities, or types of microorganisms typically growing in the wrong locations in your gut), hormone imbalance, and that stimulate inflammation and the immune system, you can create the opportunity for your body to heal.
An elimination diet is temporary and it gives you a window into your own body and what you need to eat for optimal health. The only thing is I’m not supposed to have licorice root (I did include it anyway) on the AIP diet.

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