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This week I happened to go to McDonalds for lunch, and mainly only because I was craving one of their Iced Coffees. I stay away from fast foods for the most part but like you, when I travel it’s a challenge.
I used to carry Atkins bars with me, but I got tired of chocolate (most common bars) and am really enjoying the Quest bars now. Every diet that has its daily calorie intake limited to less than 25% can be classified as low carb. It seem like a very handy tool to be able to check of items and see what my net carbs would be I M on Atkins.

Most famous low carb diet approach is certainly Atkins diet, other popular ones you might heard of are Dukan’s and Paleo diet.
You can download Nutrition Facts for almost any restaurant online, and print the PDF file for easy reference. With rapid development of agriculture now we can grow food sources that have a very large amount of carbohydrates compared to what prehistoric man used to consume.High blood sugar levels which are result of overВ consumptionВ of carbs forces our pancreas to release insulin in the blood stream which completely blocks fat mobilization and promotes fat storage. Moving carbs from before workout to after workout meal is also an option and can be beneficial if you want to Increase fat loss with cycling carbohydratesВ but also can lower your performance so it’s best to experiment until you find what works best for you. I usually make a meal plan and stick to it for 3 weeks then after that I make some changes and do another 3 weeks.

Funny thing about milk is that low fat milk raises insulin even more than full fat milk since the fat slows down digestion but both of these options are bad for fat burning and weight loss.

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