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Although, pre and post exercise meals are important, the entire diet is the key factor that will determine the performance and well-being. What an athlete consumes before and after exercise is very important for their performance.
The post exercise meal is extremely important since it will determine the recovery and energy level of the athlete for the following bout of exercise or competition. Meal replacement drinks - Recommended as pre-game meal replacement (3 to 4 hours before) for athletes with sensitive stomachs OR for athletes requiring additional calories as a snack or meal supplement.

Optimal health and performance is achieved with proper diet every day, not just the day before and after exercise.
Try to avoid high fat and protein in the diet, since they slow down the digestion, do not promote glycogen storage and will not provide energy for your exercise.
Enhances performance for athletes exercising at high intensities for 60 minutes or more of continuous duration. The recommendations are based on a 2500 kcal diet, thus people requiring additional calories need to add items on the menus.

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