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Warning that too few schools are complying with the Government's Jamie Oliver-inspired food rules, officials urged them to ensure pupils follow advice on a good diet. Among its recommendations, Ofsted said schools 'consider easy ways of monitoring the food choices made'.
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An article on Food Poisoning Bulletin dated December 8, 2013 reveals that most Americans ignore the calorie count of meals served at fast food restaurants. They used theВ 2009 HealthStyles survey toВ perform a cross-sectional analysis on a sample of 4,363 U.S. Fast foods earned their moniker due to the ease and speed with which they are prepared and served.

Those who want to encourage healthier eating within their communities can become franchise partners of leading healthy dining restaurants. Schools' attempts to create a healthy-eating regime were 'undermined when pupils brought in unhealthy packed lunches', the report said.
Such establishments are infamous for their high-calorie offerings, which can cause serious health complications if consumed on a regular basis. While a growing number of consumers want to eat good and nutritious food, there are those who’ve simply resigned themselves to eating fast food regardless of the calorie content. The usual tradeoff is that these foods are high in calories, fat, and sugar, and can be very unhealthy if consumed in immoderate amounts. It’s a good thing that a growing number of restaurants are adding greener and leaner options to their menus in response to the clamor for fresh and nutritious food. If people can’t bring themselves to a healthier restaurant, then perhaps a budding entrepreneur can bring convenient and healthy fast foods to them, instead.

Yet a fast food business doesn’t have to stick with junk food when fresh and healthy gourmet meals and sandwiches make for a better and increasingly more popular option.
You can get in touch with a company like Fresh & Healthy Brands that offers an excellent selection of healthy fast food franchise opportunities in strategic local and even international locations. Victoria Taylor, Senior Dietician at the British Heart Foundation, said: ‘Our teenage years are an important first opportunity to be responsible for our own food choices, so it’s worrying that so many in this age group are still not getting their five-a-day.

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