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Tagged: candy apples, caramel apple, caramel apples, caramel coating, crab apple trees, crab apples, creative, crimson gold, dessert, diy, fall holiday treats, food, gold apples, inspiration, inspiration. Oh, I so fancy deliciously tart, crunchy, and sweet caramel apples that I can finish in just a few bites MINUS the mess. Depending on where you live, you may have wild crab apple trees growing nearby (go pick them!).

I have to say (although I may be bias) that these are the BEST candy apples I’ve EVER indulged in. Reality is, I would never finish one caramel apple in one sitting (well…I might, actually!) and the size of those apples just make the messy eating gets messier. Although they areВ  in the crab apple family, they may be twice as big as typical crab apples.

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