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I’ve seen quite a few variations on this cute cookie concept, including this post from The Decorated Cookie (who can make almost any food into a cute cookie!). If you try to make your standard soft and chewy sugar cookie recipe and roll it out and use cookie cutters, you will get a big blob of nothing. 8) If there are any air bubbles in your icing, pop them with a pin and gently shake your cookie from side to side to even it out again. Bake your cookies on an ungreased cookie sheet for 8-12 minutes depending on the thickness of your cookie. Ok,so I love to bake cookies, but I have yet to try the whole sugar cookie thing, and I am so greatful for this post!

I just tried making my first caramel apple cookies a few weeks ago but yours are way cuter! I’m making cookies for a bachelorette party (the ones with panties and stuff, lol), and have never had successful sugar cookies. I always make a double batch of cookies, because I tend to use bigger cutters and having dough leftover is always better than running out. Having some of those spacers that you slip on to the ends of your rolling pin ensure your cookies are all even in thickness. Carefully lift your cookie and shake it from side to side to help the icing level itself out.

I am by NO MEANS a professional cookie decorator(now I said nothing about not being a professional cookie eater) so these are just my tips I live by and they have not steered me wrong each time I have made decorated cookies(the whole 3 times I have made them).
I am using a different icing recipe from when I made my snowflakes and apples that doesn’t require you to make a separate outline on the cookies and having to let that outline dry(see the apple cookies).

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