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Cinnamon sugar cookie pizza topped with caramel frosting, crisp apple slices, and a caramel drizzle will put you in the mood for fall.
There are certain foods that when making their appearance just say “hey, it’s time for the holidays!” Egg nog is one.
Click here for Amie’s Gluten-Free Egg Nog Cinnamon Sugar Cookies over at The Healthy Apple.
Rather than take the time and make several dozen then frost several dozen, I just did one giant cookie and only had one cookie to frost and decorate.

It’s not the flavor combination at all; it’s the whole biting into a giant apple covered in caramel aspect.
Note that version yielded flatter, more traditional cookies versus Amie’s appealing mounds, but they were enjoyed all the same!
As the chillier weather settles in, it’s time to break out the fall festivities – apple picking, pumpkin carving, sweater wearing, leaf gazing. Today #SundaySupper is welcoming fall with arms wide open, and I am bringing Caramel Apple Sugar Cookie Pizza to the party.

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