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Whole foods such as grains, beans, nuts, and seeds are now widely recognized as very healthy foods to incorporate into our diet.
You see, all grains, beans, nuts and seeds contain anti-nutrients in the outer bran or seed coat.
Soaking mimics the natural germination process that takes place in nature; it neutralizes anti-nutrients, unlocks precious enzymes and nutrients, and renders these foods more viable for consumption.
The most known anti-nutrient found in grains, beans, nuts and seeds is phytic acid (or phytate), a phosphorous-bound organic acid that protects the plant seed from premature germination and locks its nutrients tightly inside to nourish the embryo. Beans are a beloved staple for many vegans and vegetarians for their frugality and protein content.

Besides the phytic acid contained in legumes, the harder beans such as kidney beans, navy beans and black beans contain oligosaccharides. Virtually all traditional cultures ate grains, beans, nuts and seeds for thousands of years and used slow food type methods such as soaking and fermenting to make them more digestible. Soaking not only releases or deactivates toxic substances it also dramatically increases the nutrient content of foods.
Simply soaking soy beans overnight is not enough to adequately release and neutralize these anti-nutrients.
Soy bean oil, lecithin (found in all commercial chocolate), hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and textured plant protein are among the many names used to disguise soy ingredients in products like canned tuna, cereal, bread and frozen food.

In nature, these anti-nutrients are naturally eliminated from the outer coating when there is enough moisture, warmth and acidity to sustain the plant seed once it enters the ground to germinate. Soaking also breaks down oligosaccharides found in beans which makes them way more fun to eat.

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