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Vegetarian people or people who simply do not like meat should be aware that animal foods (except dairy products and eggs ) are the best source of dietary iron. People with anemia should not forget to take spinach and chard in their diet to recover from illness. Vegetarian people should take iron supplements for anemia due to the severity of the disease.
A balanced diet rich in legumes, vegetables, fruits , nuts and dried fruit will help to improve anemia. Diet: A diet that chronically avoids foods rich in iron may cause anemia, or at a minimum, lower than desired levels of iron.

Vitamin Deficiency:  Vitamin B-12 and folate both play a role in red blood cell development and can cause anemia if levels are low. Disease and Drugs: Some people consume adequate iron through their diet, but have absorption issues due to diseases including Crohn’s disease and Celiac disease.
This entry was posted in Nutrition Tips, Recipes and tagged fatigue, iron, iron recipes, nutrition, zooma by frogifer. A diet without leafy greens, fruits and beans (for the folate) and animal products (for the b-12) can be to blame, as can autoimmune diseases and intestinal problems. As a kid I was super anemic and still as an adult (though I don’t get bloody noses anymore) I have been known to be on the lower range of normal iron levels (according the the Red Cross when I tried to give blood last time).

I have struggled with anemia in the past and this is a great reminder to many of the importance of iron. They will probably need iron supplements and planning their diet very well in order to avoid nutritional deficits.
Toss papaya, bell peppers, strawberries, broccoli, oranges, kiwi, pineapple and even cauliflower into your iron-rich recipes; they are all very high in vitamin C.

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