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Author Rob Dunn’s main point is that the advocates of the various Paleo diets are pushing only the assumed diet of our most recent ancestors when we should be looking at ancestors who were around when our digestive systems were evolving. I would argue that, IF we want to return to our ancestral diets, we might reasonably eat what our ancestors spent the most time eating during the largest periods of the evolution of our guts. One of the Paleo diet’s foundations is that our digestive systems adapted from our being primarily hunters who ate meat to primarily farmers who ate crops. One thing I loved about the article (which is quite funny and an entertaining read) is Dunn’s suggestion that if you really want to eat like your ancestors, you need to narrow your ancestry down to your preferred era first.

Personally, I think that the nutritional evidence is clear that the vegetarian diet is the healthiest diet we can eat. Some of you may have heard this called the Paleo Diet, or perhaps the Primal or Caveman Diet. To recap, as the human diet has shifted from fresh, natural, whole foods to more processed, preserved and heavily sweetened foods, our brains have gotten smaller, we’ve gotten shorter, and chronic disease runs rampant. After all, sometimes our ancestors starved to death and the starving to death diet, well, it ends badly.

Yet, the idea that we might take our ancestral diet into consideration when evaluating the foods on which our organs, cells and existence thrive, makes sense.

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