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If you’re lucky to have an aloe vera plant growing in your garden, you’ll be able to make your own acne gel, as well as a burn soother and an all-natural moisturizer! Aloe vera gel has healing and anti-inflammatory properties that is very soothing to the skin, and it’s anti-bacterial qualities will definitely boost any skin regimen you already use. Aloe gel has hormones that have wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe acne, simultaneously helping to get rid of acne-causing bacteria and soothing the redness that comes with acne.

And the best part is, it’s inexpensive and all-natural to buy a plant and just extract the gel itself by slicing open the leaves and squeezing out the gel. If you’ve spent too much time under the sun, just lightly spread some gel over the affected areas and sit in a cool place. Apply it whenever you feel discomfort and let the aloe’s cooling properties help your skin.

A small dab of the gel in the affected areas should help, and you can reapply as much as you want since it’s all natural.

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