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There are about 135 almonds in the entire batch, and 33 almonds per serving (for 4 servings). If you were chewing the almonds whole, your body would tell you before you consumed this amount, “Okay. The consumption of almond flour is an easy way to overload the body with a detrimental amount of PUFAS. Enzyme inhibitors are concentrated in all nuts and seeds and, as a result, almond flour contains a significant amount. Get the Empowered Sustenance NewsletterJoin 50,000 others and receive recipes, wellness tips and my e-cookbook Grain Free Holiday Feast delivered to your inbox! In my case, I can not eat almonds, I have poor digestion and almonds creates all sorts of problems for me, despite being super Soaked a better.

I calculated that by dividing 640 calories in a cup of almond flour by 7 calories in an almond. Raw (or soaked and dehydrated) almonds have their polyunsaturated fats intact, and so the only fat issues are those discussed in the previous section. Enzyme inhibitors are problematic for digestion, since enzymes are necessary to digest all aspects of our meal from carbohydrates to proteins to fats.
Almonds, like all nuts and seeds, have high levels of phytic acid if they aren’t soaked and dehydrated. I believe there is a reason nature encased the almond in a shell and required a great investment of time and labor to produce almond flour. We are happy to disagree about this point and now we leave you to decide how to incorporate almond flour into your lifestyle.

But in almonds, most of the phytic acid is in the brown skin which is removed before the almonds are processed into flour.
I talked a bit about that in my Fixes for 5 Paleo Mistakes… it would take a caveman a whole day to produce enough almond flour for a batch of pancakes! It is important to understand these aspects of almond flour, so you can make the decision to avoid almond flour or choose to use almond flour with judicious moderation. But if too much oxidized fats, like from large amounts of almond flour, are consumed, our body is depleted of antioxidants and damage to body cells ensues.

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