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Instead of one large quiche, I pour the mixture into the bottoms of a greased muffin pan, a little less than half full.
I love the base of this recipe but when made as is, it was too thin and stiff from too much spinach. I’m a huge fan of quiche, but IВ no longerВ want the gluten or the calories of the crust, so for a while, I just did without. A while ago, IВ discovered this recipe forВ Crustless Chard QuicheВ at my friend Lydia’s blog, and now I make all differentВ of versions of it.
I make a crustless quiche about once every two weeks because my girls love eggs and, frankly, I can’t be bothered with the crust.

Frozen chopped spinach and shredded Muenster cheese give this baked quiche plenty of flavor.
But the nice thing about quiche is, you can clean up while it bakes so there is no cleanup after dinner. Welcome to my blog, where I share wearable fashion and beauty tips, healthy recipes and meal plans, and reviews of family-friendly travel destinations.
I liked the fact that it didn't have a crust which cut back the saturated fat and calories in a normal quiche.
It never occurred to me to make a quiche without the crust, but once I tried it that way, I realized how little I miss it.

Of course, I feel a bit guilty serving them a meal I know they don’t care for, but they just fill up on the side salad, and all is well.
It’s the perfect quiche for a summer brunch, complete with sausage links and a bowl of fresh fruit on the side.

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